Enamel Painted Vases: Part Deux

You may recall our recent attempt at Sugar and Charm‘s colorful and functional Enamel Painted Vases.

After much frustration on our first try, we felt even more determined to get this gorgeous glassware into our homes!

A second attempt was born!  Kristy and Maren went for round 2, and lived on to tell the tale…


Please click here to visit Sugar and Charm and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Maren

Mission: Get it right!  I want to nail this technique so that I can recreate on a much larger scale for our new house!



In accordance with my last vows to myself, I tried to find a thinner paint and a Surface Primer.

  • Surface Primer… I must be a complete idiot.  If I would have had my thesaurus with me at JoAnn, I would have realized that “Prime” and “Prep” are basically the same word.  Surface Primer MUST be Gesso!!!  I felt like a genius.  (please be sure to read on to “Tips & Tricks”)
  • I used another one of my vintage jars dug out of our property.
  • Thinner paint?  We’ll see, I guess.  I chose Americana Acrylic Paint in Indian Turquoise.  I also added a little pearly paint that I have on hand for an upcoming post.
  • Alcohol.  Yes, I first first cleaned the interior glass surface with it; I also drank some.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

You may recall my “Frustration Scale” from the last post.  I wasn’t entirely out of the water here.

With zen-like calm, perhaps mostly alcohol induced, I began my second attempt at the coveted Enamel Painted Vase.

Feeling like a freaking genius, I began by first applying my Gesso.  Fail.  It’s F-ing white.  Start over.  Count 1-2 F-bombs.

I attempt to chill the hell out as recommended to myself in the previous post.

Starting fresh, I applied my first coat of paint and walked away for 15 minutes to let dry as instructed.  Upon my return, same problem as before.  The paint wasn’t dry enough and when I went to smooth it out, I only picked it up and moved it around.  Also, my new paint was only slightly thinner than my Martha paint, and therefore never dripped out like it should have.  Oh boy.  I let it sit over night and returned to apply my second coat in the morning.

The second coat did the trick.  I was done after that!  Yay!  I did blob some extra paint into the jar and knock around by tapping the side of the jar onto the bottom of my palm.  This helped to satisfy my anal retentive side and get a smoother coat on the bottom, even though no one will ever see it.

In the end, It’s great!  I’ll still do this project again. #1 thing for me to plan for – letting each coat dry overnight.  That’s it.  Simple as that.


Easy.  They look great, no matter how you get there!


Requires multiple coats of paint; each coat needs to dry overnight.  This can be frustrating.


I love the end result of this project.

They look great when finished and I  truly am excited to recreate on a larger scale once we decorate our new home!



Reviewer #2 – Kristy

Mission: Attempt to redeem myself from the first attempt at the enameled vases. Looking forward to create new staging piece for my home.


  • I read the directions again and noticed once the interior vase is painted, only hold over for minutes not over night as I did before. Ha!! Focus!
  • The project called for surface cleaner and I still did not find this so I did without again!
  • Used Folk Art enamel paint in Folk Art Enamel Acrylic Paint in Lemon Custard …perfect color for my décor.  I mixed it with the Folk Art Enamel in White Frost to achieve a frosted look (I honestly have no idea if it made a difference.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Get extra paint, maybe swirling the paint in the vase instead of painting with a brush could work better.


It’s pretty cheap to decorate! Great impact of color!


It’s fully streaked so I have to put this up on a shelf so no one can peek in the inside.

It took a while to dry and the paint wasn’t flowing out.


Second attempt was better than the first but nothing like the website.  This is a bit too advanced of a craft project for me! Ha!

It does look pretty great but only if you don’t see it from the inside!  I most likely won’t do this project for a 3rd time!



Miss our meltdown the first time around?

Check out Enamel Painted Vases: Round One!

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