Grapefruit & Salt Tub Cleaner

Apartment Therapy tells us that we can clean our bathtubs with a Grapefruit & Salt!

After some slight hesitation, we built up the courage to share our dirty tubs with you once again.

Apartment Therapy always shares great ideas and tricks, so we felt confident that the results would be worth the initial embarrassment!


Please click here to visit Apartment Therapy and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Amanda

Mission:  Try something new and freshen up the sink while cleaning it.




  • I used this very refreshing cleaner on my vintage sink instead of the bathtub which is currently not in use!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

If you have a very ornate tub or sink you may want to be careful when using the grapefruit around the faucet and knobs. I found the pulp got stuck and it was a little fussy to clean up.


WOW! The smell was pure heaven. It made cleaning almost fun.


Just the pulp issue but it really was minor.

You may even want to bust out a sponge or brush to get hard to reach areas like around knobs.


I will definitely try this again. The original post actually suggested to use it in your toilet too and I think I could definitely get on board with that! Imagine…your face is in the toilet but it smells like grapefruit NOT pee. Sign me up!



Reviewer #2 – Kristy

Mission:  Always want to know of an easier way to scrub my gunk.



  • Kosher Salt
  • Juicy Plump Large Grapefruit
  • One dirty tub (yes, I refrained from cleaning for many, many weeks) I am embarrassed to show this to the world!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I sprayed water so I could get the salt to stick and then get that dirty, nasty tub thickly coated.


Simplest project, good for the environment!


It still used a lot of elbow grease, it was a workout scrubbing!

Maybe a waste of food but ugh, I hate grapefruit so iI think it puts them to better use!


I have a happy [future] hubby again, he is so thankful to have a clean tub! I am still a fan of my Comet, but when in a jam…this could work great! Now wondering if oranges would work as I usually always have them on hand.



The lovely shot of the  Tub Cleaner Ingredients taken by Apartment Therapy

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  1. I think I amg oing to need to try this! I buy grapefruit for my husband and then they just sit there uneaten…great way to use them 🙂

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