Homemade Finger Paints

Finding a great kid-friendly project is always a win-win, so we were excited to test out Homemade Finger Paints by Easie Peasie!


Please click here to visit Easie Peasie and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Sarah

Mission:  To do a fun craft project that both my kids and I could enjoy!


  • This project started out great – the ingredients and finishing items were inexpensive (less than $8) and it seemed to be going great from the beginning.
  • We followed the recipe exactly and I ended up making two batches (each separately) so that I could fill up the four darling Ball Jars I had purchased.
    The mixture firmed up quickly and was ready for the food coloring to be added soon after it was done. I opted for yellow, green, a vibrant orange and a deep purple shade.
  • We waited until the next day to try out the paint – my kiddos didn’t nap the day we made them, so were both down for the count by 7:00 pm. They were pining to try these out since I mentioned making them!!
  • When we opened up the paint to get going, it was very apparent that it was going to be clumpy. I did try thinning one of the colors out at this point, but that only made it more clumpy and didn’t do what I was hoping for – turned more into a mashed potato type texture. Needless to say, this was frustrating, but I honestly didn’t know what to expect for the final texture.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I used the gel food coloring tubes and they worked great – the colors were vibrant and we had no problems with staining.

Due to the final texture of our paints, we tried using Sponges for painting, which worked fairly well.


Looks beautiful and we were so excited to give them a try!


Ended up being very clumpy/goopy and didn’t work like actual paint. We were really bummed.


I want to love these, but have to say that I can’t.  I do want to try this again and maybe cut the amount of cornstarch a bit or add some additional water during the initial preparation process. The colors are great and the idea is fantastic – my kids were going batty just wanting to try it out!! All in all, we had fun giving these a try!


Reviewer #2 – Sheri

Mission: I must admit I was a little apprehensive with this project. I usually have to put my brave face on when doing a “messy” kids project. However, after reading the simple ingredients I figured how hard can it be? My kids normally don’t finger paint; we’re a tempura and watercolor kind of household, so I figured this would be a fun change.


  • Simple ingredients. Heat them up together. Stir, cool, add color and transfer into jars.
  • Well! Very simple but the consistency is Vaseline goop.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Cut down on the corn starch so the consistency isn’t such a goopy mess.

Also, transfer the mixture to a separate bowl to speed up the cooling process or your kids are going to drive you bananas!


It was fun and they look cute in the little jars.


They don’t work well. The consistency is goopy and slick. The kids weren’t too pleased.


Well I think this project was a fail for me. Although we had fun, the resulting product just isn’t what I imagined it would be.

Cutting down the corn starch produces a better consistency, but it’s still not the consistency I expected. The boys basically ran some colored Vaseline on the paper and then walked away. Deacon looked at me crossed and said, “Mom this is NOT finger paints.”

On the flip side, my boys now have an obsession with food coloring and want me to color everything! Last night’s request was for green and blue ice cream.


The colorful photo of Homemade Finger Paints taken by Easie Peasie

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