Glitter Pumpkins

A Glimpse Inside has shown us a way to take our fall decor to a whole new level with her great tutorial for Glitter Pumpkins!

Being the favorite season of nearly every Crafty Collaborative gal, we were excited to add some sparkle to the typical gourd family ensemble.


Please click here to visit A Glimpse Inside and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Kristy

Mission: I love fall and decorating with pumpkins, witches, etc!  It is such a festive time of year so I knew these pumpkins would be a mess worth taking on! I got my girlfriend, Heather, on board and we tackled this project together!


I found two plastic pumpkins from Joann’s that were half price… so sweet!  I was in Target a few days later and found mini plastic pumpkins that would have been a perfect addition at $1 a piece but I was all glittered out at the time.

The original blog post had recommended glitter glue but we changed things up a bit.  Heather planned to tackle hers with spray glue and I used a Foam Brush with the leftover Mod Podge from the tray I madeMod Podge is awesome… multiple uses such as water base sealer, glue and finish.

I also purchased two 2 ounce containers of extra fine glitter, one in Topaz (pumpkin orange) and Chocolate Diamond (brown for the stem).  I loved the look of the extra fine glitter!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

If doing this indoors, line your table with a garbage bag then lay newspaper on top for easy clean up.  After sprinkling, funnel glitter with the newspaper in a cup and reuse until you finish the entire pumpkin. Glitter the stem last, maybe even the next day!

Be careful with the Mod Podge, if you are focusing on one side and lean the wet side against the table you will create a streak in your glitter… not the look I was going for.  Also don’t touch the glue brush to the previously glittered portion as it will remove the glitter.


Very easy, but takes a bit of patience so you don’t make a glitter mess.

Be creative! You can add glitter on more than just pumpkins and in a variety of colors.


Even after my pumpkins were dry, I have a fear of removing the glitter.

I may look for a clear coating to protect the finish.  Storing this for next season definitely worries me!  Any ideas? Please share if you do!


I loved this project; it was fun to do with a gal pal. We both were for and against the glue!  She liked the ease of the spray glue and I liked the thickness of the Mod Podge which I feel allowed the glitter to stick better to the pumpkin.

I will definitely be out and about finding more fall décor to glitter after this project. BTW, the pumpkins fit perfectly on my new mod podge tray! Picture perfect!

Happy Fall Decorating!



Reviewer #2 – Janet

Mission: First thoughts on the project: Super cute and simple idea, but I knew right away I didn’t want to make a set of pumpkins to decorate my apartment. I just don’t want a ton of decorations because I am tight on storage space at my current digs.



I made a stop at Joann’s and found that a lot of their fall stuff was on sale. I decided on a wreath and a few smaller pumpkin and acorn pieces. I also found feather picks that I thought added to my fall inspired wreath.

  • Wreath: $4.99
  • Assorted pieces: $4.95
  • Green Ribbon: $1.99
  • Glitter (4 color combo pack): $6.99
  • Glitter glue: $3.99
  • Pheasant feathers: free (from my bro-in-law)

Tips & Tricks Learned:

With the size of items I had that were to be glittered, I put the glue on all areas that I wanted glittered before glittering. Thats a lot of glitter in one sentence.

The specific glitter glue isn’t necessarily required, but the cap has a brush attached that made it oh-so-easy to use!

Prep your area beforehand…use wax paper to cover your area and a pan with raised edges is perfect for catching the excess glitter. Know that as you pour the glitter over the decor, there is going to be a lot of glitter that falls onto your work area. Just funnel your wax paper to pour the excess back into the container before each color change.


Easy! Had fun arranging the pieces on to the wreath.


Kind of messy, but nothing that a little vacuuming can’t fix.

Not sure how I’m going to store these without all of the glitter falling off.


This wreath is Minnesotan-inspired thanks to the added pheasant feathers! The larger pumpkin versions would be super cute to decorate a fireplace or entryway.

This glitter process could easily be applied to any other holiday inspired decor or even picture frames. Thumbs up on this project!



Reviewer #3 – Sarah

Mission:  I absolutely love the fall and the fun décor that comes along with it – plus I love working with glitter. It takes me back to my childhood! This project looked like a lot of fun to do and a fun way to dress up my fall décor.


I first looked in my existing fall décor to find any plastic pumpkins I had on-hand. I unfortunately only found one, but it helped with the budget of this project. The other two I found at JoAnn Fabrics and they were 40% off, which always helps!

I picked up the glitter glue and glitter at JoAnn’s as well. I had a difficult time finding the Martha Stewart Glitter Glue and Fine Glitter that was recommended, but was happy to find an off-brand glitter glue. Though I do think this is probably an unnecessary spend, it sure did make this project less messy and a smidge easier for me.

I opted for gold, orange and black glitter for my pumpkins. Once finished, I do feel that the black glitter looks slightly navy in color, but I still love it. I also glittered up a small accent piece which had a gourd and a pumpkin on it to add to the fun.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

The glitter glue was a saver for me – less mess and stress.

In addition, I used a cookie sheet as a workspace and though I was pretty much out of wax paper, I used what little I had left and then newspaper to save the glitter as I coated my pumpkins during the glitter stage.



Adorable, adorable! I really like the sparkle and sheen these add to our fall décor.


A bit more costly than I expected – I ended up spending around $30 in total for this project.


Love the end result of these and adding some sparkle to our home.

I later decided to follow Janet’s lead, and add some sparkle to a tired wreath that we had in a box of decorations!  I am so happy that I did, now our front door shines with the season.





The lovely Glitter Pumpkin and it’s photo by A Glimpse Inside


  1. Glad you all enjoyed making your glittery fall decor! They all look great! 🙂
    You can spray them with a clear sealer and it should help keep the glitter on them. The ones I made are a few years old and after that first year, the glitter doesn’t come off much anymore (I didn’t spray them).

  2. They all came out fabulous! Kristy – Krylon clear coat spray may work. I’m catching the glitter bug.

  3. Looks really cool, but I can see the mess my Brownies would make if I tried this with them.

  4. LOVE these!! I love glitter too and these pumpkins are awesome!! I may have to do this!

  5. I LOVE those glitter pumpkins!!! So cute!!

  6. LOVE the look but hate the mess. Maybe painting them first with a metallic and then spray painting them with a shiny glitter paint? Ideas. Ideas. Ideas.

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