DIY Napkin with Perfect Corners

I’m With Cupcake has shared a terrific tutorial on mitered corners with their DIY Napkin tutorial.

With the help of Lindsey from Hot Polka Dot, I’m With Cupcake lets us in on the secret to perfect corners!


Please click here to visit I’m With Cupcake and see the instructions that we followed!



Reviewer #1 – Amanda

Mission: To ACTUALLY sew. Just saying that makes me sweat.




I decided that since sewing is not really “my thing” I was going to make the most out of this while also being incredible lazy (pattern forming here…). I opted to create the “Perfect Edge” on a piece of fabric I was using for another Crafty Collaborative project. So I basically created a little rectangle with very little purpose but it was just the right size for my first attempt.

  • I used a cotton fabric (fat quarter I acquired from a random fabric store visit with my mom and sister who are much better at this than I) with an adorable elephant print.
  • I attempted to measure properly for each side but ended up sort of eye-balling it (I am actually very accurate this way).
  • I was also using a Singer sewing machine, that is older than, me from the 70’s (I am still quite youthful so this is saying a lot!).
  • My thread choices were light but didn’t match perfectly. I chose a pale lilac and white. Again being lazy I made these choices based on the fact that I would have to attempt to fill a new bobbin if I didn’t just go mismatched (I actually did attempt and pictures are featured in this post about my epic fail).

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Be PATIENT. Also it is okay to throw out an f*bomb here or there. In fact I highly recommend it otherwise you might actually get physical with the machine and that never ends well. Definitely read the directions and look closely at the pictures because they really do give you the best idea on how things should look step by step. I didn’t realize I could let the corner overlap a bit creating a smoother, more polished finish.


Not NEARLY as hard as I thought it would be! Written well, even for a novice like myself.


There really were not any cons. I found this project to be very realistic and the instructions very clear. Visuals are key though!


An excellent first sewing project for someone like myself and I may venture into doing a few little cloth napkins next. Watch out kids because matching jammies could be on the horizon!



Reviewer #2 – Janet

Mission: Whip up a little something for my home with a perfect corner!  It’s always great to learn new (and easier) ways to get great results!



  • I read the instructions, and decided right away that I would have no use for fabric napkins. Instead, I would make a dish towel for my kitchen.
  • I have a lot of extra fabric scraps from past sewing projects, so I dug through those first before running to the craft store. Alas, I came across a floral linen fabric that would be perfect for this project!! Sweet success!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I would suggest eye-balling (a technical sewing term) the ¼” fabric press, as it can be cumbersome to have it measured out perfectly. If you’re a perfectionist, which I am not, use a small ruler.

Have fun! Sewing can always be frustrating when you are a beginner, so go into any sewing project with an open mind and be sure to know that it probably won’t be perfect, but that just means it has character.

If you want to make a kitchen towel like I did, I cut the fabric to 17” x 24”.


Such a great sewing technique to learn, I’m sure I will use this technique again.

Super easy, definitely a good project for a beginner! Good way to use extra fabric.


The fabric I used isn’t ideal for a towel, but I was successful at not having to make a trip to the craft store!


Overall, a quick and easy project to whip out. I don’t see any use with fabric napkins, but could see it would be fun to make them for a special occasion or a holiday meal.



Reviewer #3 – Katie

Mission: Make napkins in any print/fabric of your choice




This was my very first attempt at sewing….ever.

I received the fantastic brother as a birthday gift. I got very frustrated trying to create the mitered corners per the instructions…it’s me, not the instructions…I’m terrible with anything resembling math, especially geometry and so I modified the way that I cut the corners. They are not the “perfect edge” but look just fine from the front side of the fabric.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I didn’t use the pins. I forgot all about them.


There are endless possibilities for fabric choices; great décor piece to customize for party themes, gifts, etc.


For a truly beginner sewer, it seemed like a lot of effort for a napkin.


I’m sure with more practice, this would be a super quick and easy project to make for any occasion.




The darling DIY Napkin and it’s photo by Lindsey of Hot Polka Dot


P.S.  Try kicking this project up a notch by adding your own touch.  Check out our Stamped Napkins Review


  1. You gals are much braver than I am! Great job.

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