Stuffed Acorn Squash

Iowa Girl Eats has taken that gorgeous gourd we all love to a whole new level with her Stuffed Acorn Squash.  A healthy dish that is hearty enough to stand on it’s own and pretty enough to grace your holiday table.


Since squash isn’t just for fall, we dove right in to this seasonless recipe!


Please click here to visit Iowa Girl Eats and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Sarah

Mission: To try my hand at another healthy and quick meal option.



  • I LOVE squash – of all kinds, so I was instantly excited to give this one a try.
  • I followed the recipe as noted, but in place of the sausage links, I used venison breakfast sausages. My husband is an avid deer hunter, and let me just say our freezer if FULL of venison, so when I can find a good use for it, I go for it!
  • I did add onion to my mixture – one of my favorite savory flavor additions to recipes and it added a great texture and flavor.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

If you are a breakfast fiend, like my family is – make sausage links for breakfast and then use your left overs to make this for dinner!

As I mentioned previously, add in onion and you could also add in bell peppers or carrots or even shredded zucchini to give it more body.

My stuffing was a bit dry, and honestly, that is the one part of this recipe I would not include the next time. I try to stay as gluten-free as possible with my diet, so it would be good to instead use a pound of ground sausage or add pecans/walnuts or zucchini, etc. vs. the stuffing the next time I try this.

Sarah - Squash1


Pretty easy to prep and make and very tasty!


My husband and my kiddos weren’t interested in trying this one – but also a pro as I got to eat it all by myself!

Sarah - Squash2


A quick and semi-easy meal option that is not only healthy, but fills you up in a good way!



Reviewer #2 – Sheri

Mission: I’m not a huge fan of squash but I am of stuffing, and this was just appealing to the eye. Sure to get the guests talking.



  • I like the shortcut of getting the squash going in the microwave first.  I was a little disappointed that my grocer was out of my favorite turkey sausage. I ended up using a chicken sausage instead, and I wasn’t too fond of the consistency of it. The great thing about using sausage is that it is already seasoned with savory flavors.
  • I prepared the stuffing and added the sautéed apples and sausage. Into the squash it went, and then a quick broil. A simple recipe for something that looks so elegant.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

The recipe was so well written and easy I can’t really provide any tips. However, I would maybe try making my own stuffing with fresh herbs instead of using Stove Top.

Sheri - Squash1


Super easy and appealing to the eye.



Sheri - Squash2


I enjoyed making this one even though I’m not a big squash fan. The flavors blended well and it really looked beautiful.



Reviewer #3 – Janet

Mission: I love the Iowa Girl Eats blog and was so excited to try one of her recipes!




  • Found all the goodies at the grocery store.
  • I was making it just for myself, so picked out a smaller acorn.
  • Substituted bacon for the sausage because I had it on hand.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

It might be a good suggestion to cook the squash cut side down in 1/2″ of water. The way the recipe calls for, cooking the squash cut side up, made it pretty dry. I don’t know how it would turn out, but it might be worth trying.


The stuffing was awesome! I had to snag a little from the pan for an appetizer! 🙂


The squash turned out dry and was hard to eat out of the skin.

I ended up spooning out the squash “guts” so I could actually eat it together with the stuffing.

Janet - Squash


Will have to keep this recipe in my collection! A great, healthy recipe to try in the new year!



Reviewer #4 – Kristy

Mission: Mike and I get so bored with the same old dinner recipes so I am always looking for new ones and this looked delicious!



  • I have to be honest, I have never eaten Stove Top Stuffing and now I can’t imagine not eating it.  Yum!
  • I had a bit of a mess up with my ground pork, freshly cooked…Mike dropped the bowl on the ground. Things happen, so I used Italian sausage that I had on hand.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I thought the stuffing was a bit too dry so I added a little more than a cup of chicken broth. But basically, follow the directions and this will turn out perfectly!


Yummy! Mike and I both thought it was delicious! I can’t wait to start stuffing other vegetables!


Only that we didn’t have much for left overs!

Kristy - Squash


This is definitely a winner recipe and will be made again.  It was quick and didn’t involve too many ingredients which I liked.  The presentation is great so this would be a perfect dish for the holidays and for friendly gatherings!


Squash Conclusion

The lovely Stuffed Acorn Squash and it’s photo by Iowa Girl Eats


  1. yum yum yum! I’m not a huge squash fan but this actually sounds pretty good!

  2. This looks amazing! I want to scoop a little bit from all the photos!

  3. Looks pretty tasty!


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