Felt Rosette Wreath

Domestifluff has the recipe for perfectly modern Valentine decor with her Felt Rosette Wreath.  Faux rosettes of felt create a simple and chic way to celebrate Cupid’s big day!


Please click here to visit Domestifluff and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Maren

Mission: I’ve only ever done one other project with felt.  True story!  Saw this bugger and wanted to dive right in.  Wait.  How many felt circles?



Tips & Tricks Learned:

Pour yourself a glass of wine and pull up a chair, it’s going to be a while!  I was certain that I had cut at the very least, my first 30 circles.  Nope.  It was 12.  I was feeling very dramatic.  Cut two at a time, and break it up into little chunks, like every time you go in the kitchen, cut 30 circles.  This was my plan of attack and it was a piece of cake!

I was so afraid to cute all of these circles, that I went and bought the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter praying that it could cut my circles for me.  Nope.  Not going to happen.

I used about 330 circles.  I also packed them in a little too tight.  I ended up pulling them randomly from around the wreath to fill in the last couple of inches.

Oh!  Almost forgot!  After reading the bit in Domestifluff’s post about not covering the backside, I decided to cover the back with felt, adhering with my hot glue gun.  This way I can hang it on a window and it won’t look strange from the back.

Lastly, I used Upholstery Twist Pins to attach the ribbon to the back of the wreath!  I don’t think that this project took more than a combined total of 3-4 hours.  Tah Dah!

Maren Wreath 1


SO incredibly easy I can hardly handle it.  I love this wreath – it’s so cute!


Just cutting a lot of circles, which really, was no biggie once I got going.

Maren Wreath 2


I absolutely love this wreath!  It is so pretty and festive without being over the top or too girly.  I might even try for another one sometime!



Reviewer #2 – Sarah

Mission: To use one of my favorite craft materials, felt, to create a darling wreath for my front door.



I know many of you have heard me say this before, but seriously, I LOVE felt! It is such a fun material to work with and it is so forgiving for those of us that seek perfection in our craft projects.

  • I decided to go with oatmeal colored felt and picked it up at my local JoAnn store. I wanted to make this project a little festive for the month of love – February – so I also planned to use any left over pink and red felt I had from another Crafty Collaborative project.
  • I began the process by marking my 3” circles onto my felt using a coffee mug and a pencil. I decided to cut long strips of my felt, doubled up, to allow for three circles across in a row and approximately ten columns. This allowed me to cut approximately 60 circles each time. I ended up using a grand total of 290 circles, 250 in the oatmeal felt and 40 in the red and pink felts. This process took much less time than I had anticipated, so I was able to start the wreath in no time.
  • I decided to put my felt rosettes pretty tight together on my wreath form, I just really like the look! Also, I love when designs have something offset, so I decided to add my pop of red and pinks on the lower right hand-side. I really like how it turned out.
  • After I felt I was finished adding rosettes, I placed some gold ribbon on the back for hanging – I secured it with about 6 pins just to make sure it would stay in place.

This darling wreath is now adorning our front door!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Felt is very forgiving, so don’t stress if things are cutting perfectly.  Double up your felt so that you are cutting more than one circle at a time – this was a great time saver for me!

Sarah Wreath 1


Super easy project once you get set-up and it was a lot of fun to do.


Slightly time consuming, but so worth it! My fingertips are slightly sore from pushing all those pins in the wreath form.

 Sarah Wreath 2


I love this wreath project and really enjoy the simplicity of the final look. Because I went with a relatively neutral color, I may even try swapping out the colored section for other holidays. Maybe I’ll add shades of green in for the month of March!



Reviewer #3 – Janet

Mission: First thoughts, “This looks so cool!” Reading the blog post made me think this project would take ages.



  • Bought navy blue felt, foam wreath and straight pins at JoAnn.
  • Also picked up a white ink pad to use for my stencil. I found a cup at home that had a 3″ diameter, which worked perfectly as my stencil.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Fold the fabric in half when stenciling and cutting. This project is very forgiving, the circles do not need to be perfect.

I used about 190 circles…but cut about 300. What to do with all of those extra circles still boggles my mind. Start with about 200 circles and go from there.

For the 300 circles cut, I only used about 1 yard of fabric. Honestly, I didn’t need the extra 1/2 yard.

Buy the white/colored ink, it will save your sanity.

Janet Wreath 1


Thankfully, it really didn’t take as long as she alluded to on the blog, it really only took me about 3 hours, plus I was doing laundry and watching a football game at the same time. I love to multi-task! It turned out really cute, I love it!


I have a ton of extra navy blue felt…what to do, what to do.

Janet Wreath 2


This is a perfect year-round decoration, or can be made specifically for a holiday. Very modern and very inexpensive. I loved this project!



Alicia - TCCReviewer #4 – Alicia

Mission: Felt is the magic word for me. I will always jump at the chance to work with it.



  • Alicia Wreath MaterialsThis project took 224 cut felt circles, styrofoam wreath and straight pins.
  • For the life of me, I could not find a white wreath so I settled for green. I was a bit worried that you would see it between the felt, but it turned out great. You could also spray paint the wreath white if needed.
  • I also used white and hot pink felt because I love the contrast and dimension.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Instead of tracing and cutting a million 3” circles on felt, I used a spool of ribbon that exactly measured 3” and used it as my cutting guide. I would then use my spool and cut 2 circles at a time. This saved a bunch of time and patience, which I ran out of. Ha!


The completed project is so rewarding and beautiful.


You need a lot of felt and time for this project.

Alicia Wreath


This was a fun weekend project for me. After taking a few trips to Michael’s for felt, and purchasing things I did not need,  I feel that my wreath is beautiful additional to my Valentine decor. Or the perfect gift!



Reviewer #5 – Amanda

Mission: Create a festive wreath out of some leftover felt I had from other projects.




  • Once again I am going to coin myself as the lazy thrifty one. I used leftover felt from previous projects so I honestly haven’t a clue just how much I used in total but can tell you that I used 236 circles. I cut out 250 to be safe.
  • My wreath form was the exact same one used in the original post and is the perfect size as far as I am concerned! I can’t imagine it being any bigger. I think I would have given up.
  • For my circles, I used a good ole plastic IKEA children’s cup (it may be discontinued as I had zero luck when trying to locate it online to show ya’ll). It was the perfect size. I also stole my kid’s giant stamp pad and busted 250 circles in no time!
  • In total I would say that once all the circles were cut out it took about 1.5 hours to put the wreath together. I am sure I could have been quicker but my kids were still awake. Enough said.
  • You definitely need a small and very sharp scissor to make cutting out 250 circles slightly less painful.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Don’t worry about perfection! This craft is very forgiving. I definitely didn’t have perfectly round circles and it still looked great. I also ended up being just slightly short on my grey circles (about 4 inches remaining on my wreath form) so I ended up pulling some of the circles I had already pinned from random areas on the wreath and placing them in my gap. You can’t even tell! I just fluffed and tugged at the remaining pinned circles and it filled in the gaps left by where I pulled some. No biggie!

Amanda Wreath 1


Pretty, could be fairly cheap (I guess my supplies ended up costing roughly $15-$20) and after the prep work is done you could practically assemble it in your sleep.


Oh just the occasional finger jab is about all I could complain about. It was otherwise a craft dream!

Amanda Wreath 2


I will definitely make this again or at least use this method. I am considering using it for other tasks like on a tree form or even a ball for holiday décor. It could be really cool used in a shadow box too!



Felt Wreath Conclusion


The lovely Felt Rosette Wreath and it’s photo by Domestifluff


  1. They all came out great!!n Love them!

  2. I hope I can get to the craft store before Nemo hits and get some supplies!! What an awesome idea!


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