Resurrection Rolls

Eat at Allie’s has created a sweet treat with a disappearing act that is a perfect pairing for the story of the Easter Holiday.  Her Resurrection Rolls are as easy to make as they are fitting for the big day!


Stories aside, we love marshmallows and bread.  Period.  Let’s do this!


Please click here to visit Eat at Allie’s and see the instructions that we followed!


Alicia - TCCReviewer #1 – Alicia

Mission: To create yummy pastries while teaching the kiddos the resurrection of Jesus. My Sons says “Jesus is a nice guy you know”- I couldn’t agree more



This recipe is very easy to follow and the items are all usually on hand in my kitchen!

  • I used both crescent rolls and biscuits. I found that the biscuits were easier to stretch and fit a large marshmallow with breaking or tearing the dough.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Make sure you seal or crimp your ends tightly. Some of my seals broke open and created a huge sticky mess on the bottom of my oven.

Alicia - Rolls 1


Very easy recipe to follow and super tasty. Cinnamon and sugar is a plus in my book.


The mess in the bottom of my oven!

Alicia - Rolls 2


Jesus has risen indeed! What a fun recipe and a great way to incorporate a Bible lesson at home with the kids – and did I mention it was a delicious treat!



Reviewer #2 – Amanda

Mission: Bake up some gooey, doughy goodness while entertaining the kiddos.Happy Kids




  • I used all the same ingredients and methods suggested in the original post minus the parchment paper. Clearly I was not paying attention there.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

The parchment paper would have made a huge difference in serving and how well the little balls stayed intact since they would not have been baked onto the sheet so firmly…. which would have improved cleanup time as well.

Amanda - Rolls 1


We all had fun making these. The kids were excited and so was I! Such a simple idea and very kid friendly.


They didn’t turn out as lovely as Allie’s. In fact my kids kind of picked at the gooey center (mine did not turn into magical syrup like hers’ either) and then asked if they HAD to eat them.

Amanda - Rolls 2


Not a winner in the taste category but they really were fun to bake. I don’t know that I would make these again in this method but might consider adding a bit of chocolate and mini marshmallows for a s’mores-like knock off. Pretty sure I could get everyone on board with that idea!



Reviewer #3 – Sarah

Mission: To make a yummy treat for the kids…oh and me!



I had all of these ingredients on-hand, which made this recipe even easier from the get-go – I love when that happens!

  • I melted the butter in a glass dish, got the cinnamon sugar mix ready, put the marshmallows in a bowl and started prepping these. I have a silly phobia of things that “pop”, such as balloons, fireworks, guns AND crescent roll tubes…so I secretly hate using these. My husband has a good time making fun of me for this fear of mine. But, I power through opening the tube and forge ahead.
  • Anyway, once I was all set up, the process of making the resurrection rolls was very quick and easy. Outside of getting my hands coated in butter and sugar, it was a smooth process.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Make sure to tightly secure the crescent roll around the marshmallow to avoid having it spilling out the sides as mine did. It ended up being messy and not as cute as they should have been once baked.

Sarah - Rolls 1


Minimal ingredients and delicious!


A bit messy to create, and if you didn’t secure them tightly enough, messy to get them off the cookie sheet.

Sarah - Rolls 2


A yummy treat to nosh on for this Easter!



Reviewer #4 – Janet

Mission:  I was hesitant with this project at first. It was definitely something I personally wouldn’t have picked out to try.



  • I got the marshmallows and crescent rolls at the grocery store and had everything else on had.
  • It was really easy to put together!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Definitely put some effort into pinching the dough closed, I didn’t do this very well and as you can see, melted marshmallow all over the pan!

These are tastiest right out of the oven, don’t let them cool before eating because they get hard and very sticky.

Janet - Rolls 1


These tasted really good!


Sticky melted marshmallows all over the cooking pan. Made it difficult to get the rolls off the pan without pulling them apart!

Janet - Rolls 2


These turned out okay, but I don’t know if it is something that I would make again. The story on the blog is really sweet and would be fun to tell to kids while making the rolls.


 Rolls Conclusion


The lovely Resurrection Rolls and their photo by Eat at Allie’s

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