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I’m Mandy, a 33-year old photographer, wannabe professional crafter, marketer, hobby maniac, music lover and vegetarian.

Aside from my full-time, job-to-pay-my-bills as a graphic designer and marketing manager, I spend my days and nights running my small photography business Mandy BePhotography ( Being a photographer allows me to constantly challenge myself and is such an amazing creative outlet.

When I’m not taking and editing photos, I’m making little crazy crafts and spending time with my lovely friends and family. I am a traveler that loves to explore and experience all of the fun and beautiful places and things this world has to offer!


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Katie (574x718)Katie

I am a Louisiana born late 20-something living in the Carolinas with my Love, MSC and our pup, Jaxson.

I am new to participating in the blogging world but not new to blog stalking. I’ve been doing that for years! Feel free to blog stalk me at, my personal blog where I share my many interests, obsessions and inspirations with sass and (hopefully) a bit of Southern charm.

I come by my love for crafting genetically as my Mama is an amazing seamstress, artist and crafter. What I lack for in natural talent, I make up for in enthusiasm and an abundance of hope that my attempts will be totally amazing… and occasionally the passionately spoken curse word if things go awry.

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Janet (640x800)Janet

Hello fellow crafters! I’m Janet. I grew up in a small farm town in southwest Iowa. I may be a farm girl at heart, but I have been told I am the most city-savvy farm girl around!

I moved to St. Paul, Minnesota after I graduated with an accounting degree from Iowa State University. I have lived in the Twin Cities for three years now and absolutely love it! I am an adventure seeker and enjoy seeing new places and trying new things, and the Twin Cities have many places to explore!

I am slightly obsessed with music and finding new songs. A day never goes by without my blasting out some tunes, it just makes each day better to have a soundtrack!

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