DIY Knob Organization

Eat. Sleep. Decorate. has the perfect solution to the towel clutter in your bathroom with DIY Knob Organization.  In fact, this project can be used to tackle messes all over your home and look good doing it!


Eager to tidy up and add beauty to our homes, we wanted in on this DIY Knob Organization action, pronto!


Please click here to visit Eat. Sleep. Decorate. and see the instructions that we followed!


Alicia - TCCReviewer #1 – Alicia

Mission: I have always loved the idea of creating a handmade and unique towel rack for the bathroom out of a few materials and there is nothing more empowering than a lady using a power saw, although I did not need to use one. Boohoo!


  • Tools needed: Wooden board at any length, knobs or pulls, spray paint, painters tape if you are creating any type of pattern and power tools for cutting, drilling, hanging, etc.
  • My Dad is an amazing wood crafter, although I wanted to tackle this project on my own. I found a scrap board in his workshop about 18” long and 7″ wide. Perfect!
  • I also used my Dad’s power drill to make 4 holes. Now we are rolling!
  • In the original project she used door knobs that were super long and needed to be cut. I was a little frightened by this. Sawing/cutting any type of metal is not my idea of fun. I found some beautiful (and short) drawer pulls at Menards that did the trick.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I originally painted my board white and thought it was a little boring for my taste and my spare bathroom with white walls. So then I added blue stripes and that looked terrible. I finally repainted over the white and blue with a soft gray. Still boring!!!

I finally decided on keeping the gray and adding a white chevron pattern.

Alicia - Hanger 1


Fun project!!!


PAINT! I had a heck of a time spray painting. If you do not use slow smooth strokes, the paint can look thick and goopy.

I used about 8 coats of paint all together, but I am nuts! When using painters tape, make sure you really push it down securely.  With my first go around with the paint I was positive the painters tape was secure. When I peeled the tape back, the paint has bled in spots. Hence it took me 8 coats. LOL!

Alicia - Hanger 2


This was such a fun project for me! I am super happy with the end result and very pleased with how my chevron pattern turned out. I scoured the web to find “creating chevron for dummies” and then determined THAT was too complicated, so I created my own pattern.  Not bad, if I do say so myself.



Reviewer #2 – Maren

Mission: With a new home, I have been anxious to add little things here and there to help give this place a personal touch.  I know that a home’s character grows with time, but I wanted to kick that plan into high gear.  This project had perfect timing, as we had yet to have a place to hang our coats!


  • We picked up a 56″ long 5″ x 1″ board from Home Depot to fit into our “Owner Entry” as our builder calls it!  We lightly sanded the cut end and were ready to go!
  • My husband and I painted the board with three light coats of White Dove by Benjamin Moore, which is the same color as our trim in the home.  We have plenty left over!
  • I then sprayed a coat of Krylon Satin Finish over the painted board to keep the paint from getting worn down as easily by repetitively hanging up coats over time.
  • We had some left over knobs from our build that I got at Lowe’s.  I really love how chunky these knobs are and couldn’t help but think that they would be perfect for hanging our coats on!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Maren - Hanger 1Here’s a secret you may not know, Home Depot will make wood cuts for you!  I learned this in college when I needed to get Masonite to paint on.  That stuff only comes in huge panels, so they would always kindly cut them up for me.

Measure twice, pound the nail in once.  Learned this the hard way hanging the overhead shelf just prior to this coat rack.

Remember to use a wall anchor that suits the weight of the item that you’re hanging.  We went heavy-duty since this piece will get a lot of use.



I absolutely love this!

The project was easy enough to do on my own, but also a great project to do with my honey… that is until we tried to hang it.


Hanging it.  Apparently just because your home is new, doesn’t mean that the walls are perfectly flat.

I will also admit that my husband and I don’t always excel at doing home projects together.  For example, we have outlawed assembling any furniture together.  But hey – you’ve gotta know what works for your own relationship!  We eventually got this mother on the wall and it looks terrific!

 Maren - Hanger 2


I am so happy with this piece!  It instantly added character to our home and gives it a loved and lived-in feel.  I think that I’ll whip up a smaller version for my closet, and even one for my grocery totes right inside the door to the garage!



Reviewer #3 – Kristy

Mission: Its multi-functional, keeps my jewelry organized and is a fun piece of art!



  • I chose a fresh-cut of Poplar wood which cost me about 4 bucks.
  • I went to Michaels and bought each variety they had.  I got 4 for 5 bucks.  Perfect!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Break out the ruler or a smaller measuring tape to mark your screw holes! My handy-dandy husband drilled the holes. Be mindful of this as each one of my knobs had a different screw width.

My poplar board was unfinished so I painted with the black spray paint I had on hand!  I will admit I was lazy I just decided to spray without priming and hope for the best! Well it needed two coats, I may prime next time.  Priming would probably help with a better finish, too.

Screws were too long on a few of the knobs preventing me from hanging the board so my husband had to assist again with bolt cutters.


Looks great, definitely multi-functional and can be used to display and view your jewelry, handbags or scarves!

Also inexpensive – even less if you can find scrap wood and knobs from old furniture.


Measuring! It seems no matter how much time I spend trying to get the screw holes straight, they end up not being exactly right!

Kristy - Hanger 2


Very cute, needed help from the hubby on this project! It was easier to have him help hang, drill and cut the screws!

A client once told me, “Everything in your home should be beautiful and functional OR don’t buy it!”  I love this motto and I am trying to live by it. This is a perfect example of one of those beautiful pieces!



Reviewer #4 – Sarah

Mission: To create a proper place for ourselves and our house guests to hang their coats!



Though this project was specifically purposed for a towel hanger, we just weren’t in need of that in any of our bathrooms. Instead, we needed a coat rack within our mudroom. This project was just the inspiration we needed to get that checked-off our house project to-do list.

I grew up on a farm in Iowa and recently, we had to tear down one of my grandpa’s barns as it was soon to fall over on its own. My dad and my husband gathered as much of the barn wood as they could so we could create a new life with it in new projects. This was the first project we got to use it for!

  • Sarah - Hanger 1My husband helped pick out the best piece we had for this project – we needed it to be as flat and level as possible and we wanted one with some character. The one we ended up with is perfect in my book!
  • We didn’t do anything else to the piece of wood – just left it like it was on my grandpa’s barn and we didn’t even have to cut it to size – it was perfect.
  • Because the piece of wood we used wasn’t the same width the entire board, we improvised on our hook placements and did our best to eye them centered on the board.
  • My husband did all of the hard work of drilling the holes for the hooks and he helped screw them on the board as well. I was the “eye” for placement and of course picked out the awesome rugged hooks. I found those at Anthropologie and got them for a pretty good deal!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Find hooks/knobs that speak to you – such a fun project to really personalize!

Find a helper and put them to work – my husband was the perfect person to help me with this one! I could not have completed this without him…okay, maybe I could have, but there may have been some swear words in the mix then.


Purposeful project!!!


A bit labor intensive for the beginner.

Sarah - Hanger 2


We absolutely love how this turned out and it is one of the best pieces of décor in our house as it has a fantastic purpose and a lovely history. For me, it is a great daily reminder of my grandpa and my family roots back in Iowa.

Next up we’d like to try creating a full-length mirror with some of the barn wood!


Knob Conclusion


The darling and clever Knob Organization for Towels and it’s photo by Eat. Sleep. Decorate.


  1. They came out awesome ladies!! Love them. Sarah — my husband wants yours. Not like he would actually hang his coat up…he uses the dining room table for that!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my towel organization! All of yours turned out wonderful! I might have to take some tips from you!

  3. This was a fantastic project!!! Ha, love that Sheri!!! We’d love to make another one if he really wants one:) Though, you and your family would have to make a trip to MN to get it!

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