Strawberry Cream Pie

Your Homebased Mom has dangled a pretty carrot in front of us dressed as a truly perfect for the season, Strawberry Cream Pie
Fresh fruit with a sweet and creamy kicker!?  How could we resist?


There’s always room for dessert…


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Reviewer #1 – Sheri

Mission:  Find a fresh new dessert that everyone will love. After seeing this pin I knew I wanted to try it. I love all desserts with strawberries.



There was the post, then the ingredients for all three parts, and then the instructions for all three parts.  I had to read this one through a few times to put it all together, but once I broke it down, it was a breeze.

  • There were instructions for two types of crust. I chose the graham cracker crust (just a personal preference). I started with the crust, which is quite simple; it’s your basic crushed grahams with melted butter. You could even use a store-bought crust.
  • I then went onto the filling. Oh, the filling. I could just eat the filling! Cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and some freshly whipped cream. To die for! Needless to say, I was selfish and didn’t call the kids to come in and lick the bowl. I stuck it in the refrigerator while I worked on the next part…the glaze.
  • The recipe called for “crushing” the strawberries. I wasn’t quite sure how to go about that so I grabbed my mini-food processor and gave it a few pulses. Worked like a charm. I combined the sugar, cornstarch, water, and strawberries and let it cool just a bit while I assembled the pie together and layered the fresh strawberries.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Definitely let the pie chill a few hours before serving as advised in the original post.

I recommend making it for a crowd so there are no leftovers. No need to find yourself, spoon in hand, and head in the refrigerator at 3am (hanging head in shame).

Sheri - Pie 1


Crazy delicious.


The effect it will have the hips.

Sheri - Pie 2


This dessert was beyond delicious. My son called it “deeeee-licious” and “the best new dessert ever.”

I will most likely make it again, possibly for Labor Day weekend. I might eliminate the glaze this time around. I found it a little over the top for my liking.  I think the best part of the pie was the filling combined with the fresh strawberries. I feel the glaze took away from it a bit.

Either way, you’ll be licking the bowl, the spatula, the spoon, and possibly your plate.



Reviewer #2 – Maren

Mission: I love baking, but I’m still new to the pie thing.  This recipe looked like the kind of things dreams are made of, so I had to give it a try!



  • I love me a graham cracker crust, so there was no question which one I’d pick!  I used the chopper attachment for my beloved Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender to chop up the graham crackers and it worked like a charm!
  • I used three 16oz packages of strawberries – the ugly ones went into the glaze, the pretty berries made it to the top of the pie!
  • I used my pastry cutter to mash up the strawberries for the glaze.  Worked like a charm!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I really liked how the official recipe was broken up into three parts, because that’s just how I made it!  I made the crust the night before, then the filling followed by the glaze!  Easy Peasy!

I didn’t realize that the filling would firm up as much as it did, so next time, I’ll blend on high-speed sooner to make sure that I kick out any lumps (even though you couldn’t tell that they were even there in the end).

Just like Leigh Anne says, stir stir stir that glaze!  I was worried when it had an opaque appearance then BAM! it was perfect – then get that glaze off the heat, because it really firms up fast.  I think that next time, I would use a flat bottom whisk to make sure it’s super smooth.

Maren - Strawberry Pie 1


Holy hell, this was amazing.  We’re talking, eat-until-you-feel-like-a-contestant-in-a-pie-eating-contest amazing.  Um, that’s just what I heard.


If one did eat this every day for a week, per se, I wonder if her pants would fit the following week?

Maren - Strawberry Pie 2


This pie is the most perfect combination of sweet and fresh that is perfect for any summertime gathering.  I cannot wait to make this again.

The cream filling is actually so lightly sweet and perfect, that I think that I may either cut the glaze in half next time, or omit it all together.  The filling, graham cracker crust and fresh strawberries are simply perfect.  The glaze is the kick in the pants!


Reviewer #3 – Kristy

Mission: This just looked absolutely scrumptious! Always looking for a sweet treat and I don’t make many desserts especially pies, so it looked like it was worth trying!



  • Ok, I will admit, I cheated…I bought a store-bought graham cracker crust!  Well worth it to me, I bought an extra-large 9inch crust.
  • I bought two crates of fresh strawberries! Yum!
  • I got to break out my handy KitchenAid Stand Mixer for the filling!  I wish I used it more!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

This was my first time making a glaze, I was a little intimidated!  When it becomes a red clear mixture it’s done and be sure to stir, as I had my heat on too high and I definitely had a sticking issue.

Follow the 3 hours of chilling process, as I didn’t chill this long and you can tell when you slice into the pie.

Kristy - Strawberry Pie 1


This is one top ranking pies!

I served it to Mike’s family, they were actually fighting over the last pieces of pie!

Easy and delicious!



Kristy - Strawberry Pie 2


Definitely worth making!! This could even be made as an individual serving in a mini muffin tin for parties!



Reviewer #4 – Janet

Mission: Make a dessert fit for a summer family gathering.




  • I made a homemade pie crust and purchased the rest of the ingredients from the grocery store.
  • Strawberries were on sale that week, thankfully, because I bought about 4 pints. I only used two pints for this recipe, though I did go through all of them to pick out the smallest and most ripe ones for the filling.

For once I didn’t stray from the ingredients list!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I always wondered if pie weights are actually useful, and after baking a bottom crust without filling in it, I figured out why. My crust bubbled up on the bottom, but it didn’t affect my pie too much. Make sure to prick the bottom and sides with a fork to prevent this from happening or invest in some pie weights.

Make your crust and glaze first and let those both cool down to room temperature before putting in the cream filling. Once you get the filling in, let it set in the fridge for about 10 minutes before putting in the berries.

Don’t be afraid of homemade whipped cream…trust me when I say it is SO EASY! Put a medium-sized bowl in the fridge overnight to cool, then take your cup of heavy whipping cream and whip away! Mine seemed to take a while to thicken, so I put ice and some cold water in a bigger bowl, placed my medium bowl over the ice, and it thickened in a snap!

Janet - Strawberry Pie 1



I brought it to a family get-together and it was gone in no time. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and I was especially happy I didn’t have to take tempting leftovers home!


No bad review for this recipe!

Janet - Strawberry Pie 2


A great summer dessert recipe! I received wonderful reviews from my future family-in-laws, one aunt even said it reminded her of a strawberry pie she had when she was younger.

I thank Your Homebased Mom for helping me impress my future-in-laws with this recipe!



Reviewer #5 – Amanda

Mission: Bake a sweet treat for my in-laws.




  • Sadly our local strawberry patch did not have berries at the time I was ready to make this. Mother Nature really put a damper on things like berries this year! I went with good ole’ grocery store berries. They were just fine (although not nearly as aromatic).
  • I decided to make the graham cracker crust instead of the traditional pastry crust. Let’s face it; graham cracker crust is a WHOLE lotta easy compared to a pastry crust. Next time I think I would pulse a few pretzels into my graham mixture to add a salty-sweet twist and may reduce the amount of sugar used in the crust. I found it to be a little sweeter than I would like with all the other sweetness happening in the pie. This could be due to the graham crackers I used (I only had the Honey Maid Lil Squares on hand).

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I didn’t have enough berries. Buy at least 3 packages (to be safe 4) so you have a berry-licous pie.

When whipping your cream be careful not to over whip! I let my stand mixer do the work but didn’t realize how quickly it would be ready and ended up with lumpy whipped cream. I decided to pitch that batch and start over. Lesson learned.

Also, follow the instructions on the crushed strawberry layer. I should have put the corn starch in the water instead of just mixing it all together. I had to work out a few lumps.

Amanda - Strawberry Pie 1


Beautiful, crowd-pleasing and finger licking GOOD!

I love this recipe because you can do it in stages. I started with the crushed strawberry layer then let that chill overnight. Then I made the crust and whipped topping and threw the whole thing together. We didn’t actually eat it until the next day and it was good to the last bite (or lick of pie plate in my case).


I found the layout of how the recipe was written in the print out to be a little confusing. I am used to reading it the way you make it and it seemed like there was something missing because it was segmented out the way it was.

Amanda - Strawberry Pie 2


I will definitely be making this again, especially after working out a couple of kinks. My in-laws LOVED it and so did I. I highly suggest making this when you have company. It will prevent you from eating it for every meal.



Alicia - TCCReviewer #6 – Alicia

Mission: I hate making pies – just not my thing. Making a crust that never turns out really upsets me! I saw this recipe for easy Strawberry Cream Pie with 2 crust options – Let’s give it a whirl.



  • My Mother-In-Law has beautiful Strawberry bushes and has been sending us quarts and quarts of them. Perfect for jam and pie!
  • I choose to make a graham cracker crust versus the pastry crust
  • While the crust was baking, I whipped up the cream filling and popped that in the fridge to chill and then moved onto the glaze section of the recipe.
  • Your layering technique does not have to be perfect, unless you are entering it in a pie contest.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Be sure that the glaze is completely cool before spooning it over your pie. I got very impatient waiting. Once the first spoonful of delicious glaze hit the creamy goodness, it started to melt and ooze over the pan. I put that bad boy back in the fridge to set and it helped a lot. Note to self, have more patience!

Alicia - Pie 1


Each layer tastes heavenly.



Alicia - Pie 2b


Holy Shabingo!!! This is the best thing I have every tasted – seriously! The graham cracker crust, creamy filling and glaze – YUM! My husband said “Oh my. This is the best dessert you have ever made”.

Seriously – MAKE THIS PIE! Also – my pictures do not do this any justice. Please ignore that and try it!!!


 Strawberry Cream Pie Conclusion

The tantalizing
Strawberry Cream Pie and photo by Your Homebased Mom


  1. Thank you so much for trying out my Strawberry Cream Pie. It is definitely one we make over and over again. I think it’s about as close to perfection in a dessert as you can get. The recipe came from a friend’s mom who won a blue ribbon at the fair every year with it!

  2. Love this dessert!! It was a hit with the family!!

  3. Would it be bad if I just whipped myself up a batch of that filling and dipped Nilla Waffers in it? Maybe I’ll share. Just maybe.


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