Hand Embroidered Felt Bookmark

Heather Hales Designs suggested a Hand Embroidered Felt Bookmark as the perfect last minute gift!

After seeing her cute creations, we were inspired to start stitching!


Please click here to visit Heather Hales Designs and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Maren

Mission:  A cute last minute gift?  Here, here!



I didn’t use wool felt for the entire project, as recommended. I chose a white cotton canvas for the top. I used baby blue polyester felt for the backing instead of wool felt because JoAnn rearranged their entire store and I was having a meltdown and just had to get out of there.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Make sure that you select a pattern that can be easily stitched after you resize it.  I made a vintage pattern really tiny, then realized that was not such a great idea when I tried to do some of the stitches.


This was easy, and i am happy with the finished product!


Only easy if you have all of the equipment handy… if you’re not set up to sew on demand, then this might be a bigger project than you signed up for.


I liked this little project.  I enjoy embroidery and sewing, so this was a quick, happy project for me to do.  I am looking forward to using this as a binder band, and making one or two for gifts as well!



Reviewer #2 – Sarah

Mission:  To try embroidery for the first time and hone in on my sewing skills.



  • Elastic
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Embroidery Pattern
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Not sure I have any to share.


When complete, a super cute and handy tool!


Definitely a craft project for the more skilled…or patient-minded kind 🙂


Let’s just say this one was challenging for me! First off…for those of you that can embroider – I bow down to you. I definitely gave it a try and would LOVE to be better at this some day as I always ogle over the beautiful embroidery work I see out and about.

In addition, I was challenged even further as my sewing machine was having technical difficulties, so I had to hand-stitch the elastic and felt pieces together, which I am horrible at and it shows. All in all, I’m not overly happy with the outcome of this project, but want to try it again as I envisioned this as a darling craft!

Loved the idea of this craft – just not the execution I ended up with. Maybe next time!



  1. thanks for reviewing my project! I am glad it has inspired so many!!

    @Sarah- when I first started embroidering my projects looked horrible! Just be patient and keep trying 🙂

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