Succulent Tea Cups

More Design Please showed us an easy way to spruce up our spaces with her adorable Succulent Tea Cups!

We loved the simple and charming look of these living crafts, so the gals of The Crafty Collaborative just had to try this project out for ourselves!


Please click here to visit More Design Please and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Amanda

Mission: Create planters out of tea cups to brighten my office space.




  • Materials
  • Surface

I opted for rocks found in my landscaping instead of purchasing pebbles.

I also used some tea cups I had purchased (cheaply) at a second hand store for a tea party I threw for my daughter. I actually spray painted them because they were definitely old but not in a good way!

I ordered my succulents from this lovely Etsy shop at a steal ($10 for 10!) Bkyard Paradise

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Trying to get all of my little succulents into the tea cups was hard with just two hands. It would have been helpful to have another set handy. Maybe next time I will let my kids help!?


This is a great way to re-use and an even better way to brighten up a space.


I am not totally sure that the succulents will handle the cup size well and actually survive but that is more my mistake than anything written in the original posting for this DIY.


I have to admit I am in love with my new little buddies. They actually bring a smile to my face and would make a great get well gift or really for any occasion.



Reviewer #2 – Maren

Mission: To make a sweet little gift for myself!



  • Succulent from the grocery store (I grabbed the smallest one they had and it still seemed huge!)
  • The biggest mug that I could find, for $3 at Marshalls
  • Tiny river pebbles from the JoAnn

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Do this outside.  If you do it inside, like I did… and near the sink… like I did… you may end up with little rocks in your garbage disposal.  Shit.

There was a ton of dirt in the little pot that my plant came in – so I didn’t get any extra.

Don’t water these suckers until they’re bone dry.  I am a [unintentional] plant murderer; but I have learned that I can handle a succulent.  They love neglect!  Seriously!  I once tried to be better about watering the one I had at my office… dead.  Now I just accept that they’re perfect for me, and do what I do best, forget about taking care of them.

Also – succulents seem to do better when their roots are a little crowded.  I think that this cup should be a good size for now, but my plant will have to get an upgrade as it gets bigger.


Quick!  This project only took about 5 minutes to actually complete and I am in LOVE with the result!  What a little cutie!

I think that this is a nice way to get smaller succulents started.  You can enjoy them on a table or shelf while they’re little, and then replant them somewhere else when they get bigger.


None, unless you’re me and you like to put rocks down your drain.


This project is totally easy, and would make a great gift!  I think that they have a lot more character and charm when in a cute cup, than the plastic pot they come in from the store.

Succulents are my favorite, and they seem to be pretty popular these days, too!  I will definitely do this project again – so I’ll be on the lookout for those lonely cups at the thrift store!

Reviewer #3 – Kristy

Mission: I was not born with a green thumb, everything I touch dies within 2 weeks.  Case in point, my formerly green and beautiful basil and chives plants… dead after two weeks. This is why I chose this project, as I figured succulents are hard to kill so maybe I could actually keep a plant alive.  Let’s hope!


  • Two beautiful succulents that I picked up at Home Depot.  I am hoping they remain this beautiful.
  • This was simple. There was enough potting soil from the plant to replant.  I simply flipped over the plant and the dirt stayed intact by the roots. Placed it in a tea cup (ok, coffee mug) and it looked perfect.
  • I really wanted to reuse my pots from my old dead plants so instead of keeping my succulent in the coffee mug I used an old pot.  When transferring to these new pots, I needed more soil so I used a portion of the soil from the old pot at the bottom then added the new plant with soil intact.
  • Once inside the pot, I placed more soil from the old pot around the edges to stabilize the plant.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Use what you like and if the finished project isn’t exactly what you like then modify and make it your own.


Easy, the small plant chosen was perfect for the small teacup or coffee cup. No additional soil needed. This would be a cute idea for an office plant! Cheap décor!


Dirty nails and a little messy!



Don’t be afraid to have real plants, just find one that can keep up with your lifestyle.  If you have a busy lifestyle then a succulent could be the best for you! Lol, it sounds like I am referring to a pet!

The beautiful Succulent Tea Cups photo by More Design Please

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