A Blog is Born…

It all started when an illness put me in the position where I became unable to work.  After months of trying to adjust to this change something happened.  I got bored.  Really bored.

I spent hours staring into the computer screen looking for entertainment.  Then one day I started to discover the blogs, all of the blogs!  The recipes, the projects, the tutorials swirling around the web in a mad furry intrigued me.

I learned that many blog readers feel a sense of inferiority when viewing posts about incredible projects and multi-color desserts.  It made me think, “I wonder if that’s even any good?  Can you really do that in 10 minutes?  What if you’re an experienced baker versus a newbie?  Would people even choose that drink over something else at my party?”

If you’re a blogger with an awesome project or recipe, of course you’re going to post the best picture, or give “easy” directions based on your own skill level.  What happens when another person tries it though?  What does it look like?  How long does it take?  Does it even work?

Enter The Crafty Collaborative.  A blog, a test run, a second opinion from a real group of gals with all different levels of experience and skills.

Together, we will test out the most popular posts in the blogosphere!  We will swallow our pride and dive in ourselves, listing any tips or tricks found along the way.  Photos, wit and the ability to laugh at yourself is mandatory!

The fun part?  Together with our readers, we can laugh at our disasters, and celebrate in our victories!

Our goal is to show that not being able to perfectly découpage a drawer on the first try is human, but a first time cook can shine when she tries out the right recipe!

I thank you for visiting The Crafty Collaborative!  I am so proud of our group.  The combination of unique talents and fun personalities are sure to be a recipe for something truly incredible!


Stop by often to see what we’re up to!