I am a Louisiana born late 20-something living in the Carolinas with my Love, MSC and our pup, Jaxson.

I am new to participating in the blogging world but not new to blog stalking. I’ve been doing that for years! Feel free to blog stalk me at www.thepetitepelican.com, my personal blog where I share my many interests, obsessions and inspirations with sass and (hopefully) a bit of Southern charm.

I come by my love for crafting genetically as my Mama is an amazing seamstress, artist and crafter. What I lack for in natural talent, I make up for in enthusiasm and an abundance of hope that my attempts will be totally amazing… and occasionally the passionately spoken curse word if things go awry.

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Top Talents:

  • Creative: there’s endless stream of ideas swirling around in my head at any given moment.
  • Home Décor/Design: it’s a passion/obsession of mine and from the sweet compliments I’ve received I take it I’m pretty good at it.
  • Ambidextrous: I write and bowl left handed, but cut hair right handed and am otherwise right hand dominant. I credit my preschool teacher forcing me to learn to use right-handed scissors and fostering this talent. I really freaked out my teachers in hair school. They’d see me write with my left hand and cut with my right.
  •  Baking: Since receiving a KitchenAid stand mixer for my 27th birthday, I’ve been giving Betty Crocker a run for her batter beaters.


Top Non-Talents:

  • Drawing: I wish so badly I could draw/sketch/paint and it looked better than a toddler’s artwork but my brain just doesn’t communicate with my hands in that way.
  • Singing: In the words of My Love, “It sounds like a cat is being tortured when you sing.” My choir teacher would make me and another girl sing with the boys because we “didn’t sound pretty.” For real.
  • Coordination: I cannot walk in a straight line, ever. I’m especially terrible at navigating stairs. I’ll fall going up and down and have injured myself (think broken ribs, fingers, and too many bruises to count) on several occasions. Two incidents required trips to the ER when I was in college. No, I wasn’t inebriated!


One last note…

I am the overly-ambitious crafter who thinks I can do just about any craft I see, but mid project realize I do lack many common and important crafty skills such as drawing/sketching. However I will say that I am a rather accomplished spray painter and a badass with a glue gun.