I am a creative, silly, animal lover with deep-rooted passion for vintage.

I am a trained artist, specializing in oil painting, sculpture, charcoal.  I know how to use tools and am not afraid to break a nail.  I have unique knowledge of vintage materials and design, history and of course my true love, dachshunds.

I have worn a few different hats over the course of my career.  After college, I went on to life as a hairstylist, which turned into a corporate career in the beauty industry.  I now have the privilege of devoting much of my time to this blog, which is truly from my heart.

Taking on and learning new things is something that I crave.  This blog was developed partly as a means to feed my ever-changing fixations.  My Etsy shop, FIX is where I showcase my finds and share what I am currently excited about!

My little family consists of me, my husband, and our two miniature dachshunds.  We have just moved into a new home and I can’t dive into the house projects fast enough!


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I also write a little blog called The Maren Update, where I talk about life with Dermatomyosits and Fibromyalgia.


Top Talents:

  • Artistic, Creative
  • Baking:  I seem to have inherited the same “wing it” method that my Great Grandma “Toy” possessed; as I am the only one in my family who can accurately replicate her baked goods!
  • Sewing: Although I am no professional seamstress, sewing is something that I hold near and dear to my heart.  Also taught to me by my Great Grandmother, I feel a loving connection to her when I stitch away.
  • The nose of a blood hound.  If someone’s painting their nails or eating tuna within a one mile radius… I’ll know.
  • I’m slightly psychic.  You heard me.


Top Non-Talents:

  • Walking in a straight line (when on the left), and general gracefulness.
  • Patience
  • Use of the “Indoor Voice”
  • Exercising.  My husband once brought my wedding ring in to be cleaned and was asked if I had been wearing it while lifting weights, to which he responded by bursting into laughter.


One final note…

Although I can be extremely resourceful and efficient, I think that my experiences in this blog may also provide you with unique insight into life as a klutz.  I am ambidextrous, and can swing a hammer with both hands, yet often cannot seem to fit through a standard doorway.  I have also learned that cornstarch is best heated gently on the stove, as it is highly flammable when in the microwave.  This is also true for chocolate.