Hi y’all, I’m Kristy! I am a full-time real estate professional, a new blogger, an amateur baker, a beginner crafter with absolutely no sewing skills, a semi-dedicated CrossFitter trying to maintain a healthy Paleo lifestyle…the list just goes on and on. I am hoping to provide you with insight from my profession on how some of our projects can help you with your property investments.

Born and raised in Louisiana, I am a gal that loves to cook southern dishes and couldn’t feel more at home with a glass of sweet ice tea!  I now live in Minnesota with my future hubby, Mike (aka my guinea pig for recipes and handy helper), who is supportive of my career and my many unfinished craft projects. This blog keeps me on track to tackle new projects and actually finish them. I am guilty of the half completed projects that end up in the closet then thrown away or salvaged for the next project. So when I am not helping clients in the Twin Cities area purchase, sell or invest in real estate, I will be here trying new projects to share and hopefully, inspire you!


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Top Talents:

  • Cooking – Yum-chicken and sausage gumbo or chicken enchiladas!
  • Power Tools – thanks to my volunteer work with Habit of Humanity and child labor on our farm with my father J,  I am not afraid of tools and getting my hands dirty!  Hanging sheet rock, no problem, bring on the drill!
  • Home Renovation – Ok, I am always full of ideas but it may take a while for me to get started or to finish but I love doing it.  On my first property, my dad and I did a complete kitchen and bathroom makeover.  It’s an amazing feeling once you are done!
  • CrossFit – I love these work outs and the variety of pull ups, weightlifting, and push ups!  A gal needs muscles for these projects!


Top Non- Talents:

  • Baking – Unless I have my sister, she keeps me from being impatient and tossing the dry/wet ingredients together.  I am a throw everything in the pot type of gal! I have learned to make incredible Paleo friendly chocolate chip cookies, but that is the extent of my baking.
  • Photography – I leave it to the pros
  • Green Thumb – I wish, plants last about 2 weeks around my home unless my lovely neighbor comes over to care for them.
  • Sewing – The last sewing project was in the 4th grade for the 4-H club, an apron and pot holder made with my granny.
  • Painting – Took a class in college and dropped it mid-semester…no Monet here!

Also Noteworthy…

I am guilty of Craftermath- the clutter left lying around after you finally make that thing you found on Pinterest! I may be a beginner at crafting but I am excited about the possibilities and what I could find out about myself along the way. Life is all about learning and new experiences. Just remember, I am as beginner as they come so if I can do a project then there is hope for everyone!! Happy Crafting!