Hello Everyone, I’m Sheri.

I am the founder and author of the blog When the Kids Go To Bed. Here you will find the daily musings of this chaotic working mom of three little boys 6 and under. Help me please, I’m completely out-numbered! If I didn’t have iced-coffee and wine there is no way I would survive. EVER.

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Top Talents:

  • First and foremost, I LOVE to cook. Give me a handful of ingredients and I can whip up something totally edible.
  • I can de-shell an entire lobster in under two minutes, usually without a cracker.
  • I can put on mascara without dropping my jaw.


Top Non-Talents:

  • I can’t sew. My son often requests that I sew drawings he made (on paper) to make them into stuffed animals. This is the extent of my sewing.
  • I can’t make dough. The word “yeast” in a recipe frightens me.
  • The word “roux” in a recipe frightens me too.
  • I can’t curl my tongue.


One final thought…

Okay, I’m slightly neurotic. I have slight OCD/Virgo issues. I like things perfect and pretty. I wish I could live in the pages of Better Home and Garden. The organized rooms that are clear of clutter. No true evidence that a husband and three little boys actually live there. However, my home if far from perfect and pretty. My husband and boys challenge this to no end. I’m learning to let up a bit. For instance, when I came home to find a T-Rex head mounted on the living room wall, I didn’t flip out completely. It’s still there taunting me every day, but I’ve learned to choose my battles. It’s something you won’t find in any Martha Stewart magazine, but it’s quite the conversation starter in our home. If you come to my home you will find T-Rex mounted to the wall, one wall that the kids draw on, a dozen (not exaggerating) unfinished projects, a basket of clean laundry on the dining room table, and a very large bottle of wine chilling in the refrigerator.