A little about me and my blog:

I am primarily from a small town in Minnesota, which for some unknown reason, I decided to migrate back to. The North woods is where we call home but I am sure to get out as often as possible for just a little dip in the pool of city life.

We live in a rambling house built in 1957 and have enjoyed the path to betterment by making updates gradually and putting our personal stamp on every nook and cranny. This affords me the opportunity to try new skills like texturizing walls, bold paint colors and removing popcorn ceilings. Bold, I know.

I have three kids under 6 and work from home doing online customer service for a beauty company while my husband braves the corporate jungle in the real world.

I have always enjoyed a new challenge and look at this as gained knowledge coupled with therapy and a true outlet for anything nonsensical. I dare to dream, adore change and am enthralled with learning a new skill. I hope you enjoy my stories and shared thoughts while I chronicle the journey! Maybe some of my blunders and just a few of my successes will inspire you or at least keep you safe since you won’t have to repeat my disasters.


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Top Talents:

  • Color Inspired and often coordinated – I just live and breathe color. I dare to be bold and see nothing wrong with mixing wild prints with vibrant tones. I have a natural eye for these things you see.
  • Brave – I will literally attempt anything in the kitchen or elsewhere. I love a good challenge and particularly when it involves food and drink.
  • Creativity – I wouldn’t be here if this wasn’t one of my talents now would I?! I like to keep things fresh from my house décor to what I feed my kids. Just the other day I fed them lunch served in an ice tray.
  • I have a green thumb – sometimes. Either way I am willing to just give growing a go and for whatever reason it tends to all work itself out.


Top Non-Talents:

  • Sewing – my mother is literally a genius in this area. Hemming ANYTHING pretty much makes me want to watch the grass grow instead. I would like to become at least proficient in this area however. I think it could come in handy.
  • I am not great with tools – this is not a news flash. I couldn’t even manage hanging a curtain rod. I got two screws in partway and since it was enough to hold the rod up I left it. That was months ago. Somebody call Bob Vela  PLEASE! Teach me oh wise one.


One last note…

I have been known to spend all day (and a LOT of money) on a recipe that tastes and looks like sh*t but the point is that I am willing to experiment!  Sometimes it turns out and feels oh so good. Drink recipes are generally safe and I do like the drink so it is definitely an area I explore freely.

I once made bagels using my KitchenAid (yes – I have the needed tools just lacking time and focus) and spent the morning slaving away only to discover I forgot to add the salt. Nice. No not nice just blah. Because I worked so hard I tried sprinkling salt on the bagel itself. I am not going to recommend this method. Epic fail.