I’m Mandy, a 33-year old photographer, wannabe professional crafter, marketer, hobby maniac, music lover and vegetarian.

Aside from my full-time, job-to-pay-my-bills as a graphic designer and marketing manager, I spend my days and nights running my small photography business Mandy BePhotography ( Being a photographer allows me to constantly challenge myself and is such an amazing creative outlet.

When I’m not taking and editing photos, I’m making little crazy crafts and spending time with my lovely friends and family. I am a traveler that loves to explore and experience all of the fun and beautiful places and things this world has to offer! Here are a few facts about me…


Hobbies: Photography, crafting, cooking and baking (but I have VERY little patience and often end up making my own recipes), yoga, walking, listening to music, hangin with friends and chillin with my lil Chihuahua Ruthie.
Music: Ray Lamontagne and Iron and Wine – love those beards. Yes!
Food: Yummy salads (lame, I know…) homemade granola and energy-type bars, and any form of sugar – preferably candy, cookies and cake. Ok, now I’m hungry…
Travel: Santorini (seriously the best place on earth) but I’m going to Portugal and Spain this May so we’ll see if anything beats it.


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Top Talents:

  • Photography
  • Color coordination
  • Creativity
  • Taking on new hobbies
  • Hoarding amazing treasures
I’d have to say that hoarding amazing treasures is my fav. It keeps me very busy scouring vintage shops, estate sales, garage sales, craigslist, etc. I have found so many beautiful things… mirrors, jewelry, scarves, and tons of fun stuff I incorporate into crafts and artwork. These little treasures fuel my creativity!


Top Non‐Talents:
  • Relaxing
  • Organization
  • Following the rules (or instructions)
  • Patience
  • Impulsiveness

I think the “following the rules” non-talent will teach me some lessons in this test of these fab or not-so-fab recipes, crafts, and DIYs. I have a feeling I may learn to utilize more patience and follow the rules to achieve the best final results. I have wasted so many great ingredients not following recipes! Argh!


One Last Note…

I am probably one of the most uncoordinated clutzes you’ll meet. I’m not sure what’s happening with my feet but they get all tangled up and make me trip all of the time!! Darn things. I also don’t have a great verbal filter. I have been in more than a few situations where something flies out of my mouth and all I can do is turn bright red and become silent. Whoops. Sorry!