Chalkboard Frame

Miss Tweedle shows us the magic of spray paint with her Chalkboard Frame project. An outdated mirror is transformed into a fab chalkboard that would be perfectly darling in any home.


Eager to turn our own ugly finds into chic decor, we grabbed our spray paint and dove right in!


Please click here to visit Miss Tweedle and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Sarah

Mission: To create a fun piece of art for our home, which is also purposeful!



I really wanted to find a fun frame to repurpose for this project. I searched high and low in my house, while I was out and about at a few stores and finally landed on one at a local antique store that I liked. It was ornate and gold…super cute! And, it had a print in it from San Francisco, which I found inspiring, as I will be traveling there later this spring.

Once I purchased the frame, I went to our local paint store and picked up the chalkboard paint as well as spray paint.

  • I chose a bright orange for the spray paint as I wanted something with pop and thought I may use this piece in the kiddos room.

Unfortunately, the frame I landed upon gave me some troubles. I couldn’t get the back of it off to figure out how I was going to paint it and finally figured out that it was set in place with large staples. After getting those removed with my trusty needle-nosed pliers, I taped off the plexy glass front with painters tape and a piece of paper and then set to spray painting the outer frames outside. I laid the frames onto an old beach towel I didn’t mind ruining and set to work.

This is where my second issue arrived – the paint was NOT adhering well to the frame. I am not sure if the frame had any coating on it due to being an antique, but it took me three coats of the spray paint to get to where it is now. I still don’t love how it looks, as the paint isn’t evenly coated on the frame, but I do like the added character it has. Or maybe I have to just succumb to the fact that it is what it is.

After the spray paint step, I then taped around the outer frame edges and set to work painting on the chalkboard paint. I used a disposable paintbrush for this step and later decided that wasn’t the best idea as the streaks are very visible and the painting did not go on smoothly. But, it still works like a chalkboard!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Really clean and wipe-off your frame before starting to paint – I learned this the hard way.

Sarah - Frame 1


This is a very purposeful project and a fun added piece of décor.


A bit labor intensive based on my poor choice of a frame. You will have a lot of chalkboard paint left over, so you may want to do this as a group project or find another piece to create into a chalkboard.

Sarah - Frame 2


I want to give this project another shot – but will be even more choosy in my frame choice before I begin to make certain I know what I am getting myself info.



Reviewer #2 – Sheri

Mission: What a fabulous idea for an old junky picture frame! I love a good before/after project.




  • I was excited to use some trusty spray paint again! The stuff is just fabulous. Easy to use and comes in all sorts of colors and textures. The boys wanted green, their favorite color.  I did one quick coat on the frame and it came out great and dried really quickly.
  • I removed the glass from the frame and was left with some cheap particle board, but it seemed to work just fine. I applied three coats of Martha Stewart’s chalkboard paint in black.
  • I let it cure for 24 hours as instructed, put the frame back together, and it was ready for use.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Sponge brushes work great for this project.

Sheri - Frame 1


Really easy project, especially great for those who like to yard sale hunt.



Sheri - Frame 2


This was a really great project. I wish I had a more unique looking frame that needed revamping, but this turned out just fine. Better than tossing it in the trash, and the boys loved it! I feel the need to make one for my kitchen.



Reviewer #3 – Janet

Mission: I was so excited when I saw this project from Miss Tweedle because I have had an old framed mirror that I have been wanting to repaint since college! The only tweak I made to the project is not turning the inside area into a blackboard, I really wanted to keep it as a mirror.



Tips & Tricks Learned:

LIQUITEX is BOMB.COM! I’m a failure when it comes to spray paint, but this stuff was so easy to use, the spray button was comfortable to press, and the paint came out smooth and even! I will for sure use this again for other projects requiring spray paint. It comes in a wide array of colors, so you can just go wild with it!

If you are painting outside, make sure it isn’t a windy day so the spray doesn’t go all over. Also, be sure to get all of the nooks and crannies.

Feel like the $12 is a little too spendy for spray paint? Get a free sample of Liquitex spray paint before having to buy it! Just go to their website and request one!

Janet - Frame 1


Like I said earlier, Liquitex is glorious and made painting so easy.

The project gave me such inspiration to finally finish another project I’ve been thinking about for years!


No cons here. The only bad thing is that I can’t figure out where to hang my “new” vintage mirror.

Janet - Frame 2


I absolutely love how my frame turned out! I have the urge to search for another frame to paint, and I might even try my hand at a framed blackboard. Possibly something to use at the reception for my November wedding….hmmm something to add to the wedding idea list!

Whether you are wanting to redo a frame that you have had on hand forever or you want to create the ever popular framed blackboard, this project is so easy and perfect for the craft beginner.



Alicia - TCCReviewer #4 – Alicia

Mission: I love the idea of turning junk into treasure.  Ugly frame refashioned into a beautiful chalk board creation, I am totally in!  I ran across a hideous frame at Goodwill that was perfect from this project.


Tools needed: Fugly frame, spray paint, chalk board paint and tools to remove backings of frame (if needed).

Did I mention the frame I used was really hideous??!!! I used the card board that was in the frame for my chalk board material. The cardboard did take a few coats of paint before it was completed ready for chalk. It worked really well.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I would recommend priming your frame before spray painting and let completely dry between coats.

Alicia - Frame 1


All the amazing color options in spray paint are endless. This project came together very quickly and was fun to make.


I am not sure what is wrong with me, but this project almost took the entire can of paint. I did not prime the wood. Oops! The wood of the frame was about 100 years old, which was hard to cover.

Alicia - Frame 2


What an awesome project and the possibilities are endless. Very happy with the final look of my frame and it will be a nice addition to Lilly’s bedroom. I am now a crazy woman on the lookout for ugly frames to paint.



Reviewer #5 – Maren

Mission: In my quest to make our new home more “homey,” I knew that we needed a little something in our game room to encourage a little friendly competition.  We needed a scoreboard!  This project was that perfect “something” I had been looking for.


One look at the back of my Goodwill frame and I wasn’t even about to try and pry that sucker off.  I decided to see what happened when I just painted right over the whole thing, glass and all.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Sometime’s it’s good to be a lazy crafter!  The finish of my chalkboard is rock hard, just like the huge boards from my school days!  The finish is actually so great, that it makes that horrible sound when you write on it… *shutter*.

Um, so be sure to be in a very well ventilated space.  Cracking the garage door won’t cut it; open the whole thing.  More on that later.

Maren - Frame 1.


Love this thing!

The project was easy to do and the spray paint products that I chose were all terrific!


I may or may not have gotten a little loopy from the paint fumes.

Maren - Frame 2


So, I wonder how many chalkboards one can have in their home before it gets weird…  I can’t wait to make more!

In our last house, I painted the inside of our most-used cupboard with chalkboard paint for a special place for my honey and I to leave little notes for each other.  After this project, I think that I’ll take it up a notch at our new abode by adding a bright and glossy frame!  Can’t wait!


 Chalkboard Conclusion

The darling
Chalkboard Frame and it’s photo by Miss Tweedle

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