One Good Thing by Jillee has a recipe for her very own Homemade “Shout” Stain Remover that makes stains disappear before your very eyes!  Now that’s magic!


With homes full of kids and clumsy adults we had plenty of stains to test this potion on!


Please click here to visit One Good Thing by Jillee and see the instructions that we followed!



This review has pictures that may make those who are more sensitive to gross stuff a little queasy. 

Consider yourself warned!



Reviewer #1 – Amanda

Mission: Create a super cheap yet effective stain fighter.




  • I used the same ingredients Jillee used and put it in a recycled Method spray bottle. I felt very granola in that moment and am still feeling proud about it now…I think this may have even made momma earth proud.
  • I also used a bottle of Shout as I wanted to have a good idea how effective this stain fighter really was but couldn’t be unprepared if it wasn’t…my kids are part animal. Stain fighter is as common as water in this house.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

It definitely helps if the water is warm. I think it even helps fight stains better because I didn’t feel it was as effective after it had sat and was cold. Also, make sure you have a spray bottle that can handle the consistency. Sadly my Method bottle did stand up to the test and I ended up storing it in a jug that I pour from now.

Amanda - Shout 11


Cheap, easy to make pretty effective.


SUPER stinky. Maybe some kind of pure essence might help with that?

For testing purposes I decided not to stray from the original recipe.

Amanda - Shout 2


I have been using this for some time now. I found that if I spray something right away and launder it within 24 I am fine. If the stain is really nasty I spray it and then soak in water before washing. Works like a charm.


Reviewer #2 – Maren

Mission: I am always on the hunt for a good stain remover!  It is a miracle if I can make it to lunch without spilling on myself each day.



I tried to stick with the program, but I forgot about the damn Dawn Dish Soap!

  • Lemon Scented Ammonia.
  • I used Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dish Soap.
  • My stains of choice:  Blood.  Sorry.  It is cold and dry in this place where I live and my schnoz just couldn’t take it this year.  My other stain, “Maren‘s Tan.”  Yes, there is nothing in the world that stains worse than the concoction of products that it takes to make my freckled Scandinavian self look like I’ve been in the sun.  “Maren‘s Tan” is my special mixture of self tanner and bronzer that has made more than a few sets of my sheets look like an Umpa Lumpa rolled around in them.  ew.
  • I let both of the stains sit for a few days, okay fine, like a week.  I then let the stain remover sit for about 40 minutes before washing.

Tips & Tricks Learned

I tested the stain remover on column “B,” which I thought was pretty impressive prior to putting in the wash, then both columns looked pretty much the same.  I think it would have been an even better test to put them on different rags, and in separate loads from each other.  I am guessing that the stain remover got on column “A” in the wash.

In the future, I would apply the stain remover right away and even soak in warm water if needed.

Rub the stain remover into the stain a little before tossing into the wash to make sure that the mixture fully penetrates the stain.

Warm water is a must, especially since the baking soda is pretty thick.  I was a little worried that I would have a Science Fair volcano on my hands, but the pressure in the bottle was relieved as soon as I opened the nozzle and started spraying.

Maren - Shout 1


It worked!  I think?


Nothing can put up a fight to “Maren‘s Tan.”  Nothing.

Maren - Shout 2


I think that this stain remover is worth another shot with the things that I learned the first time around in mind.  #1 being to apply to the stain right away!



Reviewer #3 – Kristy

Mission: Try my hand at making a homemade cleaner!



  • Headed to the dollar store for a cute pink bottle and ammonia. I had baking soda on hand.
  • I don’t use stain remover too often so I decided to make half the concoction. I don’t have kids yet, so I assume in the future I will need to make it by the gallons!
  • GROSS ALERT: I had two stained items, a cotton shirt with a small oily salad dressing and a satin pillow case with [gross]…a  little blood from a nose bleed. I hope I don’t turn your stomachs, but that’s a stain that is sometimes difficult to remove!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Use a paper plate as a funnel for all of the items into the container. I didn’t follow instructions and just dumped everything into the bottle…worked fine, just shake it up!

When working on the cotton shirt, I noticed I would rub out the stain and it would appear on the back of the shirt. While it was easy to remove, I would put something between the two just so this doesn’t happen.

Kristy Shout 1


Amazing!  It worked better than most stain removers and it was cheap and easy to make!  One good rub on the satin and good-bye nasty stain!!

The cotton t-shirt took more time as the stain seeped through to the back, but it worked! And it was quick!


The remover bubbled quite a bit making the sprayer clogged.

I just poured the remover on instead of fighting the sprayer so you will notice my shirt looks like the Smurfs got ahold of it.

Kristy Shout 2


Awesome, cheap and easy to make!  Now I can’t wait for more homemade cleaning solutions! I am thinking since I have ammonia, I should try my hand at window cleaner! All right crafty peeps, bring on the cleaners!


Shout Conclusion


The lovely Homemade “Shout” Stain Remover and it’s photo by One Good Thing by Jillee

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