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Oh Joy! has given the Easter egg-dying tradition a makeover with her {EVERYDAY PARTY} NEON DIP-DYED EGGS…


Please click here to visit Oh Joy! and see the instructions that we followed!



Reviewer #1 – Sheri

Mission:  Make some fun, vibrant neon eggs…with going to the drugstore to get a PAAS kit.




I have to admit, I didn’t include my kids in making these. I didn’t have the patience.
I ended up using gel food coloring, instead of regular food coloring. 1 tsp of gel food coloring did the job. Just make sure you whisk it well.

  • ½ cup of hot tap water
  • 1 tsp of white vinegar
  • 1 tsp of gel food coloring

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Don’t rush; make sure the eggs are dry and cool.

Definitely wear rubber gloves!

Clear Plastic 9-Ounce Party Cupswould be perfect for this project.

Sheri - Eggs 1


Very, very easy to do and inexpensive.


Feeling guilty for not including my kids.

In order to get a vibrant half-colored egg, you have to stand there and hold the egg straight up for quite a while.

Sheri - Eggs 2


I will definitely be doing this again with my kids…when I don’t want my eggs looking picture perfect.

It was easy and inexpensive. Yes, it can be messy, but any kind of dyeing of Easter eggs is!



Reviewer #2 – Kristy

Mission: Have some fun on an activity I haven’t done since I was a kid!



  • Bought a package of liquid Neon Food Color and the old school egg dying kit
  • Used a cake rack for drying
  • I didn’t have regular vinegar on hand so I used Apple Cider Vinegar

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Have patience…I failed at this!

Wear gloves, my hands looked a mess after! Be careful on anything you touched…the dye may stain (although then you could try out the Homemade Shout Stain Remover)!

Kristy - Eggs 1


Fun and easy project! Can’t wait to do this once I have kids.

Loved the vibrant, neon colors and the vinegar is supposed to make it even brighter!


If you are looking for perfection you must have patience!  I didn’t have patience to wait for a deep color or to let the eggs dry 15 minutes between dipping.

 Kristy - Eggs 2


Definitely had fun with this project!  Mike joined me and was getting into the different colors!

Great project for kids…just be careful with the dyes!



Reviewer #3 – Sarah

Mission: To create some adorable Easter eggs with the kids.



First off, my son was beyond excited to try this – he had been asking to open the dye for days! So, once my youngest went down for her nap, we set up shop and got going.

  • fingerstainingI was able to find the PAAS Color Cupsand the neon food coloring easier than I expected and of course found them both at my second home, good ol’ Super Target. Seriously, I live at this place and sometimes more than I am at home. It is one of the few places I can take all three children and keep them contained as I shop.
  • After placing a paper bag on the table and taping it down with masking tape, I prepped the colors as specified. The neon food coloring I found was a four pack of purple, pink, teal and orange. The kids dunked their eggs all the way under for an all over color result while I tried unsuccessfully at making mine more mod with white space and such.
  • I hadn’t expected the neon dyes to stain – but should have read the label on the food coloring a bit further. My son put almost his entire hand into the teal dye and will have Smurf fingers for a few days.
  • When we were pleased with our dying job, we then set the eggs on a cookie rack over a muffin pan to dry.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Follow her directions and use rubber gloves if you want to avoid any staining of your hands. If I haven’t mentioned before, I am sometimes horrible at following directions to a “T”, and I grazed over this mention somehow! Oops!

Sarah - Eggs 1


Beautiful and intense colors when finished – just gorgeous!

These bright colors make me so excited for spring and the Easter holiday.


The food coloring will stain your fingers and clothes, so be prepared for that if you are working with wee ones.

I tried using the egg dipper at first, but it just wasn’t working well for me so I resorted to my hands…hence more staining.

Sarah - Eggs 2


These don’t look like my momma’s Easter eggs! This project was such a fun spin on a tried and true tradition for this holiday. You must give this one a try! Plus, having fun colored hard-boiled eggs helps to get your kiddos to eat them up!



Alicia - TCCReviewer #4 – Alicia

Mission: To create beautiful vibrant Easter Eggs with a few household ingredients.



This was very easy to follow!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I happened to run into Easter egg dipping cups for $.99 at Menards. These cups were great for holding the vinegar, water and dyes and can be reused!

The original directions called for t-pins, foam and brown paper bags. I do not use any of these items. I covered my work surface with wax paper and used my cake drying rack. This worked perfectly!

Also, the longer you leave the egg in the dye mixture, the more vibrant your color will be. I left my eggs in the mixture for about 10 minutes max.

Alicia - Neon Eggs 1


Very east to follow the directions. The eggs turned out vibrant and colorful.


The dye mixture stains! Be sure to wear gloves and cover your work area. The tips of my fingers were purple for days.

Alicia - Neon Eggs 2


I couldn’t be more pleased with how my eggs turned out. I love bright colors. It reminds me that Spring is on its way!

Although, my kids were desperate to get involved and help, I decided that this project was best left to the adults because of the staining factor.

Happy Easter!



Reviewer #5 – Katie

Mission: Create Easter eggs in Spring’s hottest hues: NEON!!




  • Gather supplies, most of which I had at home: white vinegar, eggs, Neon Food Coloring, containers to place eggs in for dying, a drying rack, newspaper, and gloves to protect your fingers from becoming neon, too!
  • Boil the eggs, let cool and then get to dipping!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Follow suggested amount of dye…I used probably half as many drops as suggested and my neon colors were muted…but still pretty!

Martini glasses used to hold each dye color worked really well for this project!

Katie - Eggs 1


Who doesn’t love dying eggs for Easter?



Katie - Eggs 2


This childhood favorite is still fun! The possibilities are endless…let your creative juices flow!


 Neon Eggs Conclusion


The lovely NEON DIP-DYED EGGS and their photo by Oh Joy!

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