Move over Pottery BarnThe Crafting Chicks have made the most adorable Felt Valentine Envelopes to fill with sweets for their sweeties this Valentine’s Day.


Since we a.) love felt b.) love holidays and c.) love our sweeties, this project was right up our alley!


Please click here to visit The Crafting Chicks and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Amanda

Mission: Get my hot glue gun out and make something purdy that my kids will love year after year.



This little project was fun because I recently finished another felt project (mermaid tails for my kiddos) and it inspired me to go wild and pick up some embellishments like sequins,  ric rac, felt hearts and felt heart stickers.

  • I purchased all of my supplies at Joann and since some of them were purchased previously I could only estimate that I spent roughly $15.00.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

HelpersA toothpick will save your life. Okay maybe not your life but for sure your fingertips! I decided after the first few lines of rick-rac that my fingers were not going to make it through this project so I busted out one of my fancy appetizer toothpicks (they are thicker and more sturdy). It worked beautifully and allowed me to really push the embellishments into the felt without severe burns.

I also advise that if you have not worked with felt and a hot glue gun before beware of the amount of glue you use. Less is more! You will find that if you have too much glue when putting your envelope together it will show through and you will then be forced to cover it with some kind of decorative embellishment.

I used my handy Rotary Cutter whenever possible and it worked SO WELL! I am really anal about this and found that it created the easiest straight line with little effort and zero frustration. After the first round of measuring and cutting I had it down pat but since I had two helpers my concentration was limited. Good thing this was pretty easy to fudge if I measured incorrectly in some areas. I ended up cutting one of the envelopes down just a little to get everything to line up and it was just fine!

Amanda - Valentine 1


Cheap, cheerful and really just a sweet tradition to fill every year for Valentine’s Day.

I am considering making one for each of my kids teachers too, since I still have felt and embellishments left over.


The only con I can come up with is just the hot glue gun being a little messy but I think if I upgraded to a proper crafting glue gun, things would be so much easier!

Amanda - Valentine 2


Loved this project and the idea behind it. I think it would have been nice to have had stiffer felt but using some that I already had was just so handy.

I recommend this to anyone with a loved one that they like to give goodies to on Valentine’s or any holiday really. You could change up the colors and embellishments. It would be fun to do a birthday envelope too!



Reviewer #2 – Sheri

Mission: I always find wonderful and fun things for the kids when I am skimming through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. They always have the best holiday gifts. I always tell the boys that the best gift ever is love. Not toys…just love. We like to have a little valentine celebration each year to remember that. These envelopes are perfect for our party. Much like Christmas stockings and Easter baskets, I can fill these envelopes with notes of love, and remind them how special they are. I might even sneak in a couple of chocolates.


While embarking on this project I really wanted to make my envelopes a little more masculine. I found this great red felt that had an alligator skin texture. The boys loved it!

The instructions provided by The Crafting Chicks were easy to follow. A bit tedious having to measure everything seeing I was making 3 envelopes, but it went by faster than I presumed.

Once the envelopes were put together (thank you hot glue!), we got to be creative. I let the kids pick out their own decorations.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Don’t try gluing the entire envelop at once… one half at a time so the glue stays hot.

Sheri - Valentine 1


Now need to sew! Thank you hot glue gun.


Pulling all the little spare hot glue strands off everything! Darn you hot glue gun.

Sheri - Valentine 2Conclusion:

I actually really enjoyed making these and the kids love them! They can’t wait for our Valentine’s Day party. The project actually got me missing cross-stitching. I haven’t done that since I was kid. I can’t wait to hang them and fill them with little notes and some Hershey Kisses. They are now requesting I get more alligator felt to make stuffed animals…I’m frightened, that requires sewing.



Reviewer #3 – Sarah

Mission: To create a darling Valentine envelope for my kiddos’ sweet valentines.



inprocessI LOVE felt! So, this project was one I was pumped about from the beginning! And, I LOVE using my glue gun, so again, a great project!

  • I picked up all of my felt supplies and adornments at Joann. I grabbed the traditional Valentine colors for the felt and I found some great gold sequins, felt sticker embellishments and ric rac.
  • I began the process by cutting out my felt to the correct shapes according to the directions. I was unable to find the larger sheets of felt, so our envelopes were made of three 9 x 12” felt sheets, which worked great!
  • After prepping the envelope forms, I let the kids go to town with the felt stickers – they would place them and then I would adhere them with the hot glue gun. The kids then picked out what ric-rack and sequin details they wanted and I helped by gluing them on as well.
  • These were done in no time, though the kids wanted to continue to add stickers to theirs which is why some of them turned out a bit chaotic. After we were finished, I added lace to the back so they could be hung in our home.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Felt is very forgiving, so don’t stress if things are cutting perfectly.

If you want to do this with your children, pick up some of the felt stickers – this allowed the kids to have a big part in the creation.

Sarah's Sweeties


You can use your hot glue gun – I have an addiction to mine!!

And, these turn out adorable and are a great parent & kid craft project!

The kids had a BLAST with this project and have been toting them around the house since we made them. Though my kids won’t receive many Valentines this year since they aren’t school age, it was a great project!


I honestly can’t think of any. If I were more skilled in hand sewing, I would have tried the hand-stitch for another cute finished look.

Sarah Valentine 2


I absolutely LOVE the end result and even made an extra one to send to my niece for Valentine’s Day!



Alicia - TCCReviewer #4 – Alicia

Mission: Felt project again? My lucky day!


envelope openDetails:

This project came together very quickly and very inexpensive.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

This project is pretty straightforward. You could certainly use your sewing machine to create smooth edges, but not necessary.


Quick and easy and the different possibilities are endless!


None! Although I am not great at making a straight line with hot glue.

Alicia Valentine 2


What a great project! Who doesn’t love getting mail, especially in a cute envelope! I have decided to make one of these envelopes for each of my kids, 4 Nieces and 2 Nephews. 8 total! Well, maybe that might be a lot of work.


Valentine Conclusion


The lovely Felt Valentine Envelopes and it’s photo by The Crafting Chicks

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