DIY Door Mat

Yellow Brick Home has the perfect pick-me-up for your porch with their easy DIY Door Mat!


Personalized with your own colors and design, this custom project is calling our names!


Please click here to visit Yellow Brick Home and see the instructions that we followed!



Reviewer #1 – Janet

Mission: To find out if this door mat project is as simple as Kim (via makes it seem.



  • IMG_1787I bought a patterned mat at Target for about $15 and had the spray paint on hand.
  • I printed my words on regular printer paper, cut them out with an X-Acto Knife, traced them onto a sturdy piece of card stock and cut them out again with the X-Acto Knife.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

I rolled-up the tape and put it around the edge of each letter, which helped to stop the paint from bleeding.

Unless it is really windy outside, you do not need to tape down the entire thing. Cover the rest of the rug with a trash bag and place a piece of cardboard or paper above the word to stop any extra paint from flying onto places it shouldn’t go.

Spray the paint in short spurts. Keeps the color even and guards against bleeding paint.

Janet - Mat 1


A super quick project, plus the fiancé loved it!!

Allows for some creativity by changing the words or their placement on the mat.


The words are a little fuzzy (same as Kim experienced) but still are easy to read.

Janet - Mat 2


I went into this project thinking it was going to be a mess and that I was for sure going to ruin it, but it actually is super easy. I loved being able to use paint and other supplies I had at home. This mat would be stolen as soon as I set it outside my apartment door, so it is making its home on the deck instead!



Reviewer #2 – Kristy

Mission: Create a fun custom door mat that we could display at my in-law’s lake cabin.



I went to the ocean for inspiration, either an anchor or a crab, I chose the crab!

I knew I wanted a large crab to fill the entire mat so a poster board would be sturdy enough to handle the spray paint and be a stencil.

DrawingMike’s cousin, Stephanie, is a fabulous artist and drew out my crab to perfection from the photo I had. She is amazing, so I thought I would be crazy to not seek her help for this project!

  • I had an X-Acto Knife to cut out Steph’s perfect crab then we taped the outline to the mat.
  • I used Scotch Tape to hold the stencil down, and the X-Acto Knife to cut out the crab.
  • Finally, I covered the edges with paper and then tested my spray painting skills…they are coming along little by little.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Careful with the over spray, be sure to spray at a 90 degree angle, you want to hover the stencil not go underneath with paint.

You will see from my final photo that the stencil did not stick as I would have liked to the mat so I suggest using pins to hold or take a great deal more time with tape to get the stencil more snug to the mat.

Tape or pin the pages on the edges, I didn’t and you can see the outline on the edges where the over spray hit the mat! (Paper bags would work for this!)

Kristy - Mat 1


Love it, can’t wait to go to Ikea and get more mats to create!


Over spray,
I am going to use the tips to get a better result on the next one!

Cutting out the stencil is a bit time consuming…so worth it, I wish my stencil was a bit more reusable.

Kristy - Mat 2


I LOVE THIS!  Endless possibilities with words, crabs, colors, etc.!  This would be great house-warming gifts or great client gifts!!  I love the anchor idea. I found one on the internet for $30 and I know I can make it for ½ the price! I hope Stephanie is around for the next creation!



Reviewer #3 – Sarah

Mission:  To dress up the front door mat we have with a little word play and spray paint!



I have had a simple tan coir mat at our front door since we moved in six years ago – so it was due time for it to get a little face lift.

  • Of course we didn’t have any spray paint on-hand, so I headed to Home Depot to find just the right one. When searching through the color options, I landed on a color called wine. I am planning to spray paint our front porch wicker chairs in addition to this mat project, so I wanted to find a color that could work for both projects.
  • I decided on the word “hello” for my mat. Yes, I know it is a simple, understated and a somewhat boring word, but my brain was feeling fried!
  • I set up shop in Microsoft Word and used the Arial Black font at a 350 point size. I printed out each letter and then cut around each so that I could place them as close together as I wanted on the piece of cardboard I used as my stencil.
  • After each of letter was taped down, I began to outline each of them with my handy-dandy old-school X-Acto Knife. Let me tell you, this step was difficult for me! I had a very hard time keeping steady around the curves of the “e” and “o”. But, no injuries happened, so it was a success!
  • I then tore off the tape and extra scraps of paper and anchored the stencil onto my mat. Using masking tape and garbage bags, I covered any of the mat that I did not want painted. I also added the weight of some of our stones lying around outside to help keep the stencil in place.
  • The small cut out shapes for the “e” and “o” were very difficult to keep in place and I ended up having to just use my finger to hold them steady as I sprayed the paint on. I did two coats of the wine spray paint and it seemed to be dark enough, so I ended there.
  • After about 10 minutes of drying, I gently uncovered the mat to find that my “hello” was slightly slanted downward on the mat. Go figure! But, I still dig it!
  • I then moved it to the front door where it dried fully within 12 hours.

Next time you stop by, you’ll be greeted by a “hello”, even if I don’t answer my door.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Find a solid piece of cardboard for your stencil. The one I used was from a small box and though it worked great, one without any creases would have been even better.

Sarah - Mat 1


With patience, this project is a breeze! And, it is a nice way to greet your house guests.


Super difficult to keep the cut out shapes from letters in place for painting. I’m not sure of the best way to do this. My “e” almost seems filled-in if you look close.

Could cause a serious injury if you aren’t used to working with an X-Acto Knife or something of the like.

Sarah - Mat 2


This project seemed daunting to me before I began. It ended up being  pretty fun once I got all set-up and I really like the finished product as it greets me when I enter my house. I just may have to make one for our back entry.



Reviewer #4 – Sheri

Mission:  When I saw the post by Yellow Brick Home and her sprucing up a door mat for her husband’s man-cave I immediately thought of my brother-in-law’s garage aka “The Dome.” I figured I could make something fun for the entry way.



Sheri - Mat DesignWhat seemed like a super simple project turned out to be disappointing for me.

  • I could not for the life of me find a PLAIN coir mat. I went to six different stores and every one I found was printed with flowers, flip-flops, or signs of welcome. I figured I would just purchase any plain mat I could find. That is where I made my mistake. I should have ordered the one I saw on
  • My first step was figuring out a fun saying to put on the mat. My husband and I brainstormed a bit and figured “got beer?” would suit “The Dome” perfectly.
  • I set out to make a stencil. Trying my best to match the “got milk?” font as I could, I printed out the text on some heavy cardstock and grabbed my X-Acto Knife. I would love to know where the knife that goes to the blade went. I had to hold the blade directly. What a pain…literally.
  • After some tedious work my stencil was done. I taped the stencil to the mat and went outside with my spray paint.

Here’s where I was cursed for not getting the right type of mat. The mat I purchased had an embossed pattern on it, which made the stencil not work right. As you can see the paint went right under the stencil. I was really disappointed in the turn out. I hate when things don’t come out how I envisioned them.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Order a mat and save yourself time going store-to-store. Also, using a stick-on vinyl stencil might work well.

Sheri - Mat 1


I love the idea of the project and that you can personalize it.

With the right supplies you can make a great housewarming gift!


Aside from not getting the right supplies, none. This was really easy.

Sheri - Mat 2


I’m super disappointed in how my project came out. I know with the right mat it would have come out so much better. I think I might order a mat and try again.

Overall, it was easy to do. You don’t need to be a master crafter to pull this one off, just shop for the right mat!



Alicia - TCCReviewer #5 – Alicia

Mission: My front door area was in desperate need of a makeover. A total re-haul would be amazing but not practical, so I opted to update the doormat!



  • After searching at countless stores for a reasonable doormat that didn’t cost me a fortune, I finally found one at Walmart for $6.97- I know, I know. I seem to complain about Wally World but go there a lot because they have everything. They even have a door greeter. Bahahaha!
  • I choose the saying “hello” in the font “Impact” and blew it up to 350. I wanted a basic/clean look.
  • I also choose the cheapest black spray paint at $0.97/can.
  • Painters tape to tape down your letters. I guess any tape will do as long as it is secure.
  • Scrap paper/newspaper to protect your mat from random spray paint.
  • I used one coat of spray paint and thought it was enough. You can certainly use another coat.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Make sure you transfer your letters onto a thick cardstock. You will get a cleaner transfer. Although my letters got a little fuzzy from the spray paint, it certainly gives it character.

Alicia - Mat 1


Super easy. I cranked this bad-boy out within an hour and all the supplies set me back only $10 bucks. Cool!!



Alicia - Mat 2


Success! I love my new doormat. It jazzes up the front door, don’t ya think?!



Reviewer #6 – Maren

Mission: More cute homey things for this new house of ours?  Sign me up!



IMG_3506Tips & Tricks Learned:

Make little rolls with painter’s tape to stick the stencil down as close to the mat as possible, this will help prevent the spray from sneaking past the intended lines.  I wish that I would have thought of this prior to spraying my first stencil.  My mom was keeping me company during this project and had the genius idea of using dressmaker pins to get the stencil super close and tight against the mat.  I was too lazy to go inside and get them.  Next time!

Don’t plan on using the stencil more than once.  Since our address is 2290, I thought I could get away with using one “2”, twice.  Although it worked in the end, it was a pain in the ass and I am still finding neon pink paint in curious locations.

Maren - Mat 1


Love this thing!  I like the personalized piece, paired with a punchy color.  It’s an easy way to add color to your entry.


It’s not perfect.  I struggled with accepting my final results, but then took Kim’s lead and declared it “charming”!

I do love it though, and can only improve my door-mat-making skills from here!

Maren - Mat 2


Love this mat.  Still working on feeling like my minor over-spray is “charming”.  If you’re new here, yes, I am anal retentive.  I might take my detail sander to the areas where I want to clean up the over-spray and see if that helps.  Or, I’ll just chill out.

This would be a fun way to dress up your door for the holidays as well.  Simple triangle shapes made with painter’s tape could easily be layered to create a collection of Christmas trees!  Okay, I’m excited again.  Time to get another door mat to spray!


 Mat Conclusion

The darling
DIY Door Mat and it’s photo by Yellow Brick Home

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