Teal & Lime has created a darling DIY Modern Bird Feeder that is sure to give your yard or garden a chic look!

Eager to get our hands on some power tools, the gals of The Crafty Collaborative dove right in!


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Reviewer #1 – Sarah

Mission:  To use my husband’s power drill and get crafty at the same time while making a darling feeder for our neighborhood birdies.



  • I searched the aisles of Target for the melamine plates I ended up going with – it took me awhile to decide which ones I wanted…I am a picky lady!
  • I opted for plates that had a mix of turquoise, red and orange in the design. A little pop of color outside is always a fun thing. My only complaint was that I couldn’t find any plates where the bottom was also a solid color – only white.
  • After taping and marking the center of each plate, I found a scrap piece of wood in our garage and set to work drilling the holes. This was easier than I had anticipated. Because the hook I bought was 3/8” in width that is the bit I used. It took a bit longer than I thought it would to drill through the plate and it did chip a bit.
  • Once the plates were drilled, the next few steps went quickly because I wasn’t using the caulk/glue to adhere the top plate to the hook.
  • Once it was all complete, I hung it from one of our birch trees along our driveway. We have many birdhouses along our driveway, and a plethora of birds around, so they dug in right away! I did just use a paperclip to hang it, but need to determine a more permanent option in the near future.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

My husband was so kind to show me how to change out a bit on the power drill and was there if I needed his help. Using the painter’s tape and marking the center spot-on were keys in getting this to work right.

In addition, being pregnant, I wanted to avoid using anything with stinky fumes, so I received a tip about using a piece called a Shaft Collar underneath the top plate (the larger of the two) to secure it in place. This not only saved me from having to smell toxic fumes, but also saved me time, as I was able to complete this project all is one day!


Super fun to put together – really easy actually.

And, I love how it turned out. Our birdies LOVE the feeder!!


Can’t think of any!


Loved this project and want to make more – would be fantastic gifts and you can easily personalize them based on the plate choices, bird feed choice, etc.



Reviewer #2 – Kristy

Mission: I thought it would be interesting to do this, especially using a power tool while drilling into plates!  I gave it a shot even though I really don’t have a place for a bird feeder…so my plan was give as a gift!


  • I found two summer plates on sale so I bought them. Thinking if this turns out, I can also paint these since I am super handy with spray paint these days!
  • I purchased the E-6000 glue
  • Went to Home Depot for a washer, large eye hook, and 2 bolts
  • You will need your handy dandy power drill with bit. I did get some assistance from Mike on this project.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Well, I can say is that mine did not go as planned. I was a tad bit scared of the project from the beginning so I likely wasn’t going into this with the most positive attitude. I think you should drill with protective eye wear as I had pieces of plate flying across the room.

Also, be careful with the drill BE SURE to drill over a wooden block.  Since in the moment I thought I had master drilling skills, I proceeded to drill over my sofa cushion.  Big mistake, I now have a hole in my cushion! OOPS!


Very inexpensive! Costs me about $10.00 and the majority was the E6000 glue which costs me about $6.00 from Joann’s.


My plate broke; as a result, my project didn’t turn out. The plate was a bit more fragile than I had anticipated.


I guess I just became a little frustrated when my plate broke and ruined my sofa cushion.  I know, not a smart move on my part but it did affect my mood on this project and whether I wanted to try it again.  In the photo, you will notice I am holding my home made bird feeder; this is because the hole was so large that the top plate wouldn’t hold!

Learn from my mistakes and I bet you will make a beautiful bird feeder! Happy drilling!



Reviewer #3 – Maren

Mission: Make a darling serving piece to hold a smorgasbord for the local birdies.

My mom seems to think that this is more of a “squirrel feeder,” but I disagree.  I also don’t know if I am too concerned – I like squirrels too, they’re funny.


  • After my monthly chat with the wonderful people of my local Ace Hardware store to tell them all about our projects, we came up with an absolutely brilliant idea.  Use this handy little thing called a Shaft Collar instead of glue to hold the top plate in place.  It’s a little bolt with an allen-wrench thing inside that makes it so it can hug the eye hook where there was no threading for a nut!  Genius!  Simply purchase one in the size of the inner diameter of your eye hook.
  • I could not keep my big mouth shut about this amazing idea and had to tell Sarah

Tips & Tricks Learned:


I think that one contributing factor here is that the only eye hook that I could find that was 8″ was also 3/8″ in diameter.  That is a big drill bit!  I think that if you could find a slimmer eye hook, and use a smaller drill bit, you may have more success here.

After blasting through 3 large plates, I stopped to have a tantrum, and then finally got a hole through a smaller plate (tiny melamine chips were flying at my eyeballs).  As nerdy as it sounds, I think that wearing protective eyewear is a must here.

My tiniest [lower] plate was more like rubber, and that was a piece of cake.  I would stick with more of a rubbery plastic if you can find it!

Once I had holes in my plates, assembly was a snap!  Totally easy!


Easy to do, and totally adorable.  The birdies at our new house will be so happy!


Breaking plates – although I think that if you can find the right type, you can totally avoid this!


This project was easy and fun.  With the plethora of plastic plates and bowls out there, you could certainly find the right combo that works for your yard, or a friends for a gift.

After thinking a little about my mom’s “squirrel feeder” comment, I ended up purchasing a Rubber Serving Tray (which I painted to look like zinc and then weather-proofed), a rubber bowl, some Silicone Sealant, two washers and made a hanging bird bath!!

…Or I suppose, it could be a squirrel troff!  LOL



The darling DIY Modern Bird Feeder and it’s photo by Teal & Lime

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