Sugar & Spice by Celeste has shared the recipe for her Favorite Quiche!  This recipe looks like the perfect secret weapon for your holiday brunch or last-minute get together.


With the holidays right around the corner and house guests on their way, we couldn’t wait to test this one out!


Please click here to visit Sugar & Spice by Celeste and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Sheri

Mission: I have never in my life made quiche. I’ve always been a frittata kind of gal. However, I know my mother loves quiche. I figured it would be great to have a nice brunch with my mom.



  • I read the recipe a few times first because I’ve never done this before. I seriously had no clue that you actually bake the pie crust a little before you make the quiche. I also did a little dance when I saw I could use a store-bought crust. Score!
  • While the crust was baking I sautéed the onions and mushrooms and cooked the bacon. I put the egg mixture together and wilted the spinach. When the spinach was about wilted I turned off the burner and started shredding the Gruyère. It was truly an easy recipe to follow.
  • I combined the ingredients and poured it into the crust shell. Dang! There seemed to be too many ingredients. The egg mixture went up over the crust.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Roll the crust out a bit more so it reaches the top of the baking dish.
Sheri Quiche 1


Easy and tasty. Perfect for a brunch with friends.


None, especially seeing I got to use the store-bought pie crust.

Sheri Quiche 2


Wow, the flavor! This quiche was fantastic. Even my father had two pieces and he’s not a huge fan of quiche. The only thing I would have done different is rolled the pie crust out a bit and baked it a little longer prior to putting the quiche together.

This recipe is being filed under “awesome for brunch.”



Reviewer #2 – Janet

Mission: My first thoughts, “Looks yummy and recipe seems simple!”



Details:Janet - baby quiche

  • Prior to making the quiche, I had prepared a cherry pie for my family’s Thanksgiving meal. Homemade crust is freezable (after checking with my mom of course), so I wrapped it and stuck it in the freezer until a day prior to making the quiche. I didn’t have enough for a full 9-inch crust, but opted to cut the ingredients down a little and make it in a few smaller dishes.
  • As for the ingredients, the cheese was the priciest of everything (found one brand for $11!) but Target offered a slightly cheaper smoked Gruyère ($5) and was made just next door in Wisconsin. After Googling for a substitute, swiss cheese can work as well.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

This recipe allows for some rough estimation of ingredients. Since I decided to make a few smaller quiches, I used only two eggs, a splash of milk, and cut down the other ingredients to about half of what the recipe called for.

Cook it longer than you think. It may start to look light brown on top, but you want to make sure that the egg is cooked through, so just give it a few more minutes than the recipe calls for.


Worked pretty well to make with my smaller dishes. Turned out really yummy! Great as leftovers as well.


Though it turned out perfect, the small dishes were precarious to get into the oven without spilling! No other cons with this recipe!

Janet Quiche


Definitely going to keep this one handy in my recipe box. I brought my leftovers to work and my coworkers were impressed with my chef-skills. They even asked to get the recipe!

If you want to make your coworkers jealous of your lunch, you have got to try out this quiche! (hehe)



Reviewer #3 – Amanda

Mission: Test out a simple recipe in hopes of having a new dish for the holiday company.




  • I chose Alpenhaus Le Gruyère which was a little pricey at about $8.00 for 8oz but I only needed about half the block so not too bad.
  • I did not have a tart pan (although it has been added to my Christmas wish list!). I used a fluted 9 inch glass pie pan instead and that worked just fine!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

The recipe said 45-55 minutes. I would definitely suggest 55. I was bringing my quiche to a party and was in a hurry so it only got 50 minutes and it was just a little softer than I wanted. Still delish though!

Amanda Quiche 1


A nice mix of flavors a little deeper than your standard quiche. Pretty quick to throw together too!


The cheese is kind of a budget breaker but I think you could sub that for something cheaper or use less.



I will definitely make this again and may mix up the ingredients by using sausage instead of bacon or even ham.



Reviewer #4 – Katie

Mission: Dazzle and delight your family and friends with this delicious dish!




  • This recipe was very easy to follow and I even made my pie crust from scratch!
  • I made one quiche per the recipe and one modified to my boyfriend’s taste: no onions.

I fed a house-full and this dish was a total hit!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Super simple to modify the recipe to your taste…I added Chipotle TABASCO sauce to mine for added kick!Katie Quiche 1


Tastes great, easy to make and healthier than waffles



Katie Quiche 2


Total hit and definitely adding to my recipe repertoire!



Quiche Conclusion



The lovely Favorite Quiche and it’s photo by Sugar & Spice by Celeste

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