Looking for some special trimmings for your terrace?  Wit & Whistle‘s darling DIY Garden Markers are the perfect way to add some spice to your sunny space!


Always looking to add those special touches to our homes, as well as find ideas for great gifts, we couldn’t wait to give this project a try!


Please click here to visit Wit & Whistle and see the instructions that we followed!



Alicia - TCCReviewer #1 – Alicia

Mission:  I didn’t really need markers for my herbs but thought these little ditties were so cute.



  • I found oven bake polymer clay at Wally-World.
  • I already had rubber alphabet stamps at home.

Working with this clay is incredibly easy and soft. It felt like play-dough. Easy to shape, roll and stamp.

The directions said to bake your clay at 275 degrees at 15 minutes per ¼” of thickness and do not OVERBAKE.  I totally freaked out over this stage and took mine out too soon, as I have zero patience!  I should have baked them a little longer, as my makers were not as stiff as would have liked. Oh well-lesson learned.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Be sure to follow the baking instructions. I took mine out too soon.

Also, measure each maker so they are the same in length and width.

Alicia - Garden Markers 1


I can now tell my herbs apart with these beautiful markers-although it is not hard to tell the difference between each – LOL


None. Letter stamps can be expensive. Good thing I already had some!

Alicia - Garden Markers 2


What an inexpensive and quick project. I loved how they turned out and it took my less than an hour to create-including baking times.

The shapes of my markers were not exactly uniform and my stamps were a little hard to read (OCD much), I am okay with that. Cilantro and Basil, here we come…….



Reviewer #2 – Janet

Mission:  Make herb markers as a gift.




I loved this craft as soon as I saw it on Pinterest!

I couldn’t make this for myself as I am not growing any herbs, but decided to make it as a gift for my fiance’s mom.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

The clay is very forgiving. If you mess up, just roll it back into a ball and start again!

The stamps I bought were circular, making it difficult to get my letters straight. Before you press the stamp, press it very lightly on the clay to make a slight indent to get your letter straight and spaced how you want it.

Make the clay balls in any size you want, depending on how skinny or fat you want the marker to be.

The clay package didn’t give me much insight on how long to bake these for. I don’t think I baked them long enough as they were still a little flexible after they cooled. I’d suggest baking for a little bit longer than you think to make sure they are done.

Janet - Garden Markers 1


Easy and cheap! You couldn’t buy something unique like this in the store for less than $10.


The clay package just didn’t give enough direction on how long to bake.

Janet - Garden Markers 2


I really liked this project, but think I am going to have to make it again to get it right.  I bought a different brand of clay to try for next time.  My markers turned out a little fatter than what was shown on the blog and I want to make them skinnier next time.

Also, since I don’t have herb plants so I might put other words on the markers and use as decoration in my potted plants. Overall, the project was easy, quick and cheap!

A great DIY project for all skill levels!



Reviewer #3 – Maren

Mission: I cannot get herbs planted soon enough!  We just got the final grade in at our new house, so I am chomping at the bit to get gardening!  This project was the perfect way to distract me long enough to get through the sod-laying process!

I am still learning about plants and gardening so having markers will probably be great for me.  I can’t even remember how old I am most of the time!


Tips & Tricks Learned:

IMG_3557Knead that dough like crazy!  My clay was hard as a rock when I got it, so I needed to knead the living daylights out of it before I could even attempt to roll into little balls.  Once I did though, it was like buttah!  Super easy to work with and really smooth.

My OCD couldn’t handle the rounded edge of each marker, so I used my butcher knife to whack off the edges into a clean line.  Worked like a charm.

I also used my rolling-pin to gently taper the edges of the markers so that they come to more of a point.

I am not sure that I really baked them long enough…  and I did bake them quite a bit longer than the package recommended.  Mine are definitely set, they aren’t going anywhere, but you can sort of bend them a little.  Normal?  No clue.

Maren - Garden Markers 1

Maren - Garden Markers 1.5


Amanda from Wit & Whistle was right!  These markers are really cute, and super easy to make.

I loved the end result so much that I quickly cranked out 2 more sets to give as gifts!  Tah Dah!


As much as I really enjoyed this project, I think that to do it again, I would need to use a different kind of clay.

While really easy to work with and lovely in the end, the polymer clay left my oven smelling like some kind of chemical drug baking operation that I have been smelling ever since I baked these things.  It makes me fear that if we eat any more frozen pizza this summer, that I could wake up one day with an extra eyeball on my head.

Maren - Garden Markers 3


This project was so easy, I loved it.  I don’t know what it is about working with clay, but it really is fun!  I love the idea of pairing a set of these with a cute potted herb plant for a housewarming gift to give a friend a start on their own garden.

I can think of quite a few ways to personalize these too, whether it be with color, font, embellishments or even using sassy words or phrases – like “No Gnomes Allowed!”  Haaha!

This is a fun one, and I will certainly give it another shot.  Maybe in Alicia’s oven…  Haaha! Kidding!


 Garden Marker Conclusion

The darling
DIY Garden Markers and photo by Wit & Whistle

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As soon as we laid our eyes on Shannanigans’ Stamped Napkins, we were hooked!

Always on the search for personalized gifts and unique home decor, this project seemed nearly too good to be true!


Please click here to visit Shannanigans and see the instructions that we followed!



Reviewer #1 – Kristy

Mission:  This was a perfect addition to a closing gift I gave to my clients when we closed on their first home!



  • Instead of acrylic for the stamp which is pricey I used the glass from a picture frame
  • Black charcoal fabric paint
  • Pack of simple white kitchen towels from Target
  • Reusable stamps  (rustic looking)

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Be sure to practice on a paper towel first! What a frickin mess I would have made! Originally, I strayed from the instructions and dipped the stamp into the paint but it turned out to be a gob mess on the paper towel.  I found painting the stamp with paint worked the best for me.  It still didn’t leave the desired thickness of paint so I had to go over my strokes with a paint brush.


It was super simple!


Truth, it wasn’t as simple as I expected, I thought I’d dip and stamp. It took a little more time to paint the stamps each time then touch up.


Makes a great gift and there so many things you can stamp!  Great way to personalize a gift by adding an extra special touch!



Reviewer #2 – Sarah

Mission:  To create some darling stamped dishtowels for a useful craft that I can use in my own home, or gift to friends!



  • To get this project going, I had to do some serious searching for the letter stamps – they were HARD to find! I ultimately found them at my local JoAnn Fabrics and did have to splurge a bit…good thing they have their frequent coupons! I think I ended up spending about $25 for the stamps, paint and acrylic forms. I had the kids in tow and didn’t feel like heading to another location to find the acrylic cheaper, so just went with it.
  • I purchased my dishtowels at Target and honestly bought the cheapest ones I could find. They ended up being $1 each.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Have fun with this! Use any color of fabric paint you want and be creative with the words you use. I tried using upper case with a mix of lower case and enjoyed adding in some punctuation.


A useful outcome! And, pretty darn cute – you could get really creative with your stamped words.


Slightly expensive to get all of the materials, but if you took the time to shop around enough, I imagine it can be done for much less.

I do really wish I would have done this on a canvas bag – which I could have easily sewn first. I think I personally would have found that the most useful – like for our library book bag, produce, etc. But, dishtowels are always handy and make cute hand-made gifts!

In addition, I did have a hard time getting the paint to press evenly when transferring from the stamp to the cloth, but all in all, they can’t be perfect 🙂


Great project to do – easy and fun! And, the tools to do this project will be utilized again and again, so well worth the initial cost


Reviewer #3 – Mandy

Mission:  Come up with an easy, cute holiday gift. (Yes, I’m one of “those people” that make my presents… ha.)



  • I went to Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics and could NOT find acrylic letters. I even asked around. This may be an item you have to search around for (or maybe I just had bum luck…) or you may want to consider shopping online for some.
  • I ended up buying some wooden letters and shapes that I thought might work as well. Just call me MacGyver.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Give yourself time to find the correct items and do the project. I always try to do thing fast and, therefore, couldn’t get quite what I had in mind.Although they did still turn out cute.  The wooden letters worked just fine – maybe just not the “stamped/blocky” look I had in mind.


Didn’t take a ton of time and could end up being super cute gifts!


Finding the letters. My fingers were covered in fabric paint, so a tad messy.


Love the concept. I just need to find these letters so I can see if I can make some super cute worded towels!


The lovely Stamped Napkins photo taken by Shannanigans

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