Striped Vases

52 Projects has shown us the magic of spray paint!

Simple glass vases are easily transformed into lovely Striped Vases, perfect for a glowing tea light candle.

Rachel, of 52 Projects, was inspired to create these beauties after seeing a charming upcycled centerpiece created by Mark Montano.


Please click here to visit 52 Projects and see the instructions that we followed!


Reviewer #1 – Sheri

Mission: When I first saw this project I thought it was a cute way to vamp up your décor. It would also make a great centerpiece of a bridal shower or something similar. An easy way to incorporate your wedding colors.

Our pin brought me to 52 Projects, which then led me to Mike Montano’s Big-Ass Blog. Mike used yarn and Rachel of 52 Projects used twine. Either way, I think this one will be easy enough to pull off.


  • I used twine like Rachel did because that was what I had on hand. I taped one end of the twine to the inside of the vase and then wrapped it all the way down the vase and taped the end to the bottom.
  • Then I brought it outside (we finally had a night without crazy winds) and used Krylon spray-paint. I picked a metallic caramel color. Loved it! A great thing about the Krylon paint is that it only takes 10 minutes to dry.
  • After the paint dried I removed the twine (see tips).
  • A little tea light and voila!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

A little tip – DON’T use twine. The twine completely ruined the project. Little pieces are stuck in the paint. I have a feeling that yarn would do something similar. Try cooking string.


It is really an easy and quick project to do.


The smell of the Krylon paint. Definitely make sure you do it outdoors.


I’m really disappointed that this didn’t come out how I envisioned it. That damn twine! It would have come out beautiful if I had used something else.

I loved the Krylon paint. It was super easy to use and comes in a great variety of colors which would be great for this project. Get some orange paint and really brighten up a room with some new/recycled décor.

This project seriously took me 15 minutes to do. You could definitely bang a bunch of them out for a party very quickly.



Reviewer #2 – Mandy

Mission: Make some cute new vases or “junk holders” without spending a ton of money.




  • I found a cute shaped vase for $3 at the grocery store and took a cheap champagne glass I had in my cupboard.
  • I used spray paint I had around but think it would be fun to get “wild” with bright, fun, trendy colors!
  • I also tried to get creative and spray with two different colors on one vase. Fun idea, but read below for tips!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Don’t overspray. I tend to go overboard with painting and started getting crazy.

On the vase I tried to spray with two colors, I started spraying too much, then had to fix (aka. Spray more of the other color) it. I went downstairs the following day to check out my creations and the vase was totally all chipped and the paint had fallen off.


A cheap and easy way to use up those old, boring vases laying around and add a bit of color to your décor.


Drippy paint that falls/chips off right away. Also, once you remove the rubber bands, the lines weren’t as clean as I had anticipated.


Not for me. I love the idea, but it just didn’t work out the way I thought it would. I ended up with two things I’m not sure to do with… maybe it will wash off and I can try another craft. (Yay!)



Reviewer #3 – Sarah

Mission:  To utilize clear glass votives and make them even cuter.



  • Glass votives (in place of vases)
  • Twine
  • Spray paint
  • Surface/environment for spray painting
  • Patience

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Make sure the link you go to has the full directions and follow them!


My completed painted striped votives are pretty cute in their own right, even though they don’t look as intended…they do give off a darling glow 🙂


I did not follow directions.

The smell of spray paint is never fun…especially when pregnant.


Well, first of all – I did these ALL WRONG!!! I’m usually a good follower of directions, but with this project I had major issues! I believe I was supposed to paint the vases on the inside and use another type of spray paint on the outside (a frost), which is not at all what I did. I instead wrapped the outside with twine and then painted them with white spray paint on the outside. The end result was a similar effect, but definitely not as crisp and pretty.

Was super pumped for these as I was doing the project, then once I determined I did them all wrong, was a bit disappointed. The end result was a reflection of my poor direction following 😉


The gorgeous shot of the Striped Tea Light Luminaries taken by 52 Projects

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