WHAT?!  You heard us!  Pumpkin Scones, a la StarbucksWe Heart Food has shared with us the stuff that legends are made of.

Be prepared to be in high demand for every brunch, shower, birthday party, conference, book club… you will hold the key!


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Reviewer #1 – Amanda

Mission: To bake something that I won’t consume the entire pan of upon completion. Major fail for me here which means these really were WTFOMG good!



  • I did not have half and half so I used ½ heavy cream and ½ whole milk, thanks to my kiddos.
  • Instead of using a fork to mix the butter into the dry ingredients I used a Pastry Cutter. So easy to get it all mixed in this way with a lot less effort.
  • To mix the dry ingredients with the wet, I started off using a wooden spoon but quickly realized I should have just used my KitchenAid. So I dumped it into the metal bowl and within a few seconds it was mixed perfectly. Sometimes I am pretty wise.
  • Also, I included testers of the 5 and under age group. HUGE success with that target market (not too shabby with the 30+ age group either).

Tips & Tricks Learned:

Use a mixer if you have one instead of your own brawn. Totally worth the end result with no sweat involved.

I decided that I would cut my scones even smaller since I knew kids would be consuming them. I didn’t get a chance to count them (that is how quickly they were eaten) but I dare say you can get nearly 2 dozen out of this recipe.


UM seriously tasty and so appropriate for fall. Scones initially made me a little intimidated but these really were pretty simple and so worth making.


I ATE TOO MANY. That is all.


I will definitely be making these again. It would be fun for a Thanksgiving brunch or even around Christmas time.



Reviewer #2 – Sheri

Mission:  I have never in my life made scones. They’re a treat I recently discovered that I absolutely love; I’m just hoping I can do it. At least it’s not a dough that requires yeast, that would increase my chances of failure. My husband is not a huge pumpkin fan and if I can impress him with these I will consider this a success.


The instructions from We Heart Food seemed quite easy.

I finally got to use that little contraption my kids are always asking about, the Pastry Cutter. I don’t bake much so I’ve never used it before. It worked like a charm.

I also got to use the dough hook that came with my KitchenAid mixer. I’ve always been more of a cook than a baker.

The combination of the cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg was phenomenal.

My dough was rather sticky but I was able to get it rolled out into a 1-inch thick slab by just using my hands. As far as cutting the dough, the directions didn’t seem right or I read them wrong so I created my own way which worked great.

Tips & Tricks Learned:

The frosting: follow the instructions perfectly. You don’t want it too runny because it will slide right off the scones. The second glaze needs to be a little thicker than the first for a reason…it blends all together if it’s not.


Really easy and beyond delicious!!


Me and confection sugar glaze have had a battle with each other since my elementary school days, but I FINALLY got it right this time!


These are definitely a winner! My husband came downstairs asking what smelled so awesome. When I told him they were “pumpkin” scones he looked a little bit disappointed. That was until he ate one. He too exclaimed, “Oh My God!” followed by an obscene word and an “awesome!”

The kids had them for breakfast this morning and couldn’t believe I really made them. I’m taking the compliments as a success. Now I need to go see if they left me any.



Reviewer #3 – Maren

Mission: After laughing hysterically reading the post by Chris and Lisa of We Heart Food, I was pumped to make these scones! I have a scone recipe that is my old standby, but am always looking for tasty new flavors like pumpkin!  Mmmm!


I super stuck with the program on this recipe. I even leveled off my cups and spoons with the back of a knife!

I used a really handy trick for the drizzled icing.  Pour your icing into a baggie and snip off a teensy bit of the corner!  Instant pastry bag!

Tips & Tricks Learned:

The next time I make these, I think that I’ll try using my Pastry Cutter and Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer which I LOVE! I would just like to see the difference in texture.

I floured the crap out of this dough, as it was a little sticky to roll out while still being able to pick them up to place on the baking sheet.  The texture wasn’t negatively affected, and the scones were a perfect, delicate baked consistency when done!  A little lighter and fluffier than your average heavy, dense scone, which I liked!

Careful that you don’t go overboard though.  There were a couple of scones that had excess flour on them and the first layer of icing didn’t want to adhere to those areas.

Cutting the scones… um, I somehow failed this part of the scone baking process. I just ate the stupid looking ones first.  Problem solved!


Holy S#!T these ARE amazing!  I feel so proud of myself!

I feel like freaking Julia Child, minus the Julia Child voice {said with the Julia Child voice}

The drizzled icing has a strong presence of clove that really emphasizes the pumpkin flavor!  It is PERFECT!


Apparently cutting 1 rectangle into 12 triangles is too complicated for me.


I LOVE WTFOMG SCONES!!!  I cannot wait for my next chance to make these incredible treats to share! I want to show off this incredible recipe that practically turns me into Martha’s protégé!  I also want to eat mass quantities of this treat so I will have to always make double batches… note to self!  I just want to shout it to the world!



The drool-worthy
Pumpkin Scones and their photo by We Heart Food

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